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Title: More Dirty Debutantes #98  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


More Dirty Debutantes #98

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- C-

Female Looks- C+

Male Looks- D

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C+

A/V Quality- C


Company- New Machine

Director- Ed Powers

Cast- Violet Love, Tami Kahn, Chantay, Vivian Valentine, Ed Powers

Review- It''s that time again. Time to delve into another volume of the inexhaustible Dirty Debutantes series by Ed Powers. The bad hair, the bad beard, the goofy glasses and uncomfortable chatter are all here. Reviewing the work of Mr. Powers is an odd job. On the one hand here is a man who has almost single handedly started more super star porn careers than any other person on earth. A man who has managed one of the most prolific and long-lived series of amateur porn. On the other hand, it''s Ed Powers. It''s amazing that he can find willing women to bare all and do all (with him). It''s further baffling that he gets women to do this stuff when they seem almost petrified with shyness or nerves. He seems unable to make a woman comfortable. Which is either a turn on for you or an immediate off switch.

Anyway, let''s begin with something refreshing. Violet, a Hispanic hottie with dark hair, is a no-nonsense gal. She takes charge almost immediately and makes it clear that she''s in it for a good time. For once Ed is more uncomfortable then the lady, he stammers as she peppers him with questions. He acts dumb for a while before she gets to do some solo action with a vibrator. It''s real stuff, but it''s pretty dull. He eats her pretty pussy before she returns the favor with a good blow-job. The camera work is bad for the oral, but gets better when Violet climbs onto his prick for a cowgirl ride. She grinds away and rides him very well, getting what she wants. She turns around for more fucking as Ed just lays there. The missionary position isn''t bad and it all ends with Ed''s spunk on her lips and hair.

The second lady is Tami, a Phillipina with curly hair. She''s a cutie and seems very nervous at first. Usually the talking parts are just there to make sure your fast-forward button is working. In this scene, however, it adds spice to hear Tami say she''s not sure how far she''ll go. It seems like she''ll maybe just do a bit of solo action. That just makes it much more rewarding when you see how far she does go. As with most of the Dirty Debutante line it would be better if Ed had a younger, sexy stunt double. Unfortunately, we get his fugly pony tail as he eats her out. Tami gets very wet and has a good time, even when he slides a finger into her ass. Good stuff. She gets on her knees and ends up with his cock in her mouth. Also good stuff. The doggy style is badly shot, but Tami''s into it. So much so that she takes it in the ass for the first time (she sez). They go through a few more positions and end with a pop shot and some extra footage from the B-camera. Editing would have been nice, but that''s not a strong suit in these flicks.

Next up is Chantay. She''s 19 and so very, very nervous and shy that Ed actually rolls his eyes at the camera a few times as he tries to pry answers from her. It is so painful to watch. She takes at least a minute to answer each question, and each answer seems to be a variation on "I don''t know."

At this point my DVD player spit the disc out, displaying an "Unable to Read Disc" message on the screen. Several tries yielded the same results. I don''t want to ascribe too much intelligence to a machine, but perhaps the player had had enough of Ed Powers. Maybe it was for my own good. I''ve spent a lot of time with my DVD player and perhaps it could read my mood and refused to subject me to any more of the stilted, awkward banter and pudgy, hair-farmer sexual antics of Ed.

Or it may just be a cheap disc.

Either way, I have to leave it here with the impression that the first scene was probably the best, the second was mediocre, and the third was looking like a horror-show of embarassment. Of course, now I''m curious...





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