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Title: Nacho: Latin Psycho  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Nacho: Latin Psycho

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B+

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- A

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- A

A/V Quality- B+

Time- 2:12

Company- Evil Angel

Director- Nacho Vidal

Cast- Sharone, Sheila Scott, Melissa, Sandra Russo, Anita Arden, Sandra Kay, Mystery Girl, Sabine, Nacho Vidal, Teo, Tarzan

Review- The undercurrent in Nacho Vidal''s films is fun. He has a blast making porn and it shows. This can lead to flaws, notably in the camera work, but enthusiasm gets Nacho a long way. He has a couple of well hung friends and the three of them cut a swath through a bevy of gorgeous natural Euro-babes in this long running disc. It''s got a ton of action, so chances are good you''ll find something you like. I did.

Teo and Nacho follow the curvy Melissa down a secluded street and they engage in some indecent exposure before heading to a front yard for more. She gets pulled out of her clothes and sucks Teo''s massive prick. He''s larger than Nacho, which is saying something. The three of them fuck and suck in the yard for a bit before running into the kitchen. The lighting is wrong through most of the film and we get the first look at it here, as the light bleaches out the actors for a while. It doesn''t stop the boys from plowing into the well-shaped Melissa, who takes everything they give her. She moans and groans as they fill her up, such as when Teo ass fucks her and plunges three fingers into her cunt at the same time. The most impressive combo, however is when Nacho squats and pumps Melissa mish as Teo stands behind Nacho and fucks her ass. Teo is actually long enough to get into Melissa from behind Nacho. It''s an amazing thing. They keep going for many minutes and through many positions before the end of the scene. A good start.

Nacho loves a nice round ass. Knowing that, it''s very apparent what attracts him to the "Mystery Girl" who walks into a room (back to the camera) to show her fine rear and solid, excellent legs. All you ass-men and ass-women out there should pay heed to this segment, as it contains many long minutes of gyrating, teasing ass-shots as the girl strips and the camera simply stares at her butt.

A very tawny and lovely Sharone peels off her skin-tight jeans and does a slow, sexy strip tease. She tops that show by kneeling down and fucking a dildo stuck to the floor. It''s a fantastic solo piece and only gets better when she calls Nacho over for a blow-job. They sit and she strokes his cock and bounces on the dildo before he can''t take anymore and hauls her up onto his rod. Good views make this a superior scene, as does the hot sex. The standing doggy style is amazing, Sharone gets so wet we see her juices dripping down her legs. That''s a good fucking.

The next scene starts where the last one left off, with Sharone walking into the next room to find Sheila. Sheila has jet-black hair, a tiny, extremely taut body, and large tits for her frame. The two of them seem to hit it off and fondle for a while before Tarzan joins in. The girls are slow and gentle with each other, but there just aren''t many good views of their action. At least not until the double-dildo comes out and they bump and grind on either end. They do some good stuff in a chair, with Sheila as the center-piece and the other two switching off, but overall it''s not a very exciting scene. Two-girls-and-a-guy threesomes seem to lack something in most European porn. It always becomes two people fucking with a tag partner to one side, staying out of the action until it''s their turn. That defeats the purpose of a three way. This one suffers, but there are some decent moments when everyone''s playing at once. Tarzan also gets a gold star for popping off twice in one scene.

Another bit of Mystery Girl shows us a clumsy attempt to fuck her with a dildo as she kneels over a chair. She keeps her cheeks wide as Nacho fumbles one-handed with a couple of toys (he needs the other hand to hold the camera). She engages in more butt-bouncing and then the scene cuts away.

Nacho, Teo, and Tarzan fondle Sandra Kay outside. She''s a fine looking, black-haired lady with great breasts. We don''t see much of her before Nacho leads the camera to the staircase where he finds and fucks Sandra Russo, a blonde with good curves. The others come around to join them but the stairway is so cramped that the camera angles are awful, showing very little of the action. They move into the bedroom and things get a bit better. Anita Arden, another blonde, has appeared and all three couples are taking advantage of each other. However, the camera sticks with Nacho and Anita as they move to the floor for a bit of standing doggy style and an interesting blow-job. Nacho holds Anita''s head against the wall and just fucks her mouth. It''s a hot piece of work. Unfortunately, it sounds like the other couples are having fun and we don''t get to see any of it until Nacho goes back to the bed. Sandra Russo becomes the D.P. girl for Nacho and Tarzan as Sandra Kay takes all of Teo''s massive schlong up her ass. It''s impressive and she''s into it. Later she also proves she''s a fine cock-sucker by taking Teo in deep. He thanks her by using a dildo to help him D.P. her on the bed. The action is good throughout the scene (despite it focusing on Nacho at the beginning) and it ends on a high note.

The Mystery Girl is as we left her, naked on the chair. Nacho is in the picture now as well, eating her and then slipping in for some doggy style. It''s a fine bit of fucking as she goes crazy for his cock. She bucks into him with that great ass of hers, arching her back and moaning loudly. Nacho doesn''t last too long with this hottie and spoos on her back. He then spends several minutes simply filming her cum streaked butt as she shakes and sways it at the camera.

The last bit is called a "Bonus Track" but is simply Nacho talking to Anita and Sandra Russo as they put on makeup. They show a little ass and some tit, but it ends uneventfully.

OVERALL: For sheer volume of good fucking this disc gets high marks. The actresses and actors are all good looking specimens and they give a decent show. One drawback is that the women can be rather passive, not as into it or as active as the porn actresses on this side of the Atlantic. The only other complaint is that the camera work has some bad moments, obscuring action or ignoring it completely. Other than that, Latin Psycho earns a good grade and a place on the keeper shelf.

EXTRAS: There''s a chapter search and a detailed fetish menu (letting you jump to specific sex acts in the movie). The "Special Features" section includes a photo gallery from the film, filmographies for a few of the girls, a cast list by scene so you can know who''s doing who, and the "Extra Sex" section. The Extra Sex choice leads you to four new scenes, additions to scenes from the movie. They are full sex scenes and pretty much make up a whole new movie. That''s a worthy extra.





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