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Title: Latex  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: n/a


Bottom Line: For those of you think that a porn could never be dialogue driven, this movie was created to prove you wrong. Intelligent, interesting and kinky. Driven by Orwellian visions of the future this film thrives on the psychological under current running through all relationships—the sexual fantasy. Yet for as much as this film is interesting it is also grade A stroke material. The pacing is perfect leaving the best to the very end. A must see. The Feature: 10 Chapters for the movie. Imagine George Orwell being resurrected from the grave to do porn. Or maybe if the HAL 9000 as a nympho maniac—OK maybe that's a stretch. If you can bring these images to mind then you would have a pretty good grasp of the motif of Latex. Dark, ominous computer graphics are the foundation of the opening shot. Screens displaying the robot of Metropolis on television screens as we pan base of a CG building called 'Noble Asylum'. Malcolm Stephens (Jon Dough) has been arrested for public disorder and has been transferred to the asylum. Stephens is a psychotic visionary that has been locked in a rubber room because he is having delusions of grandeur. The doctors review an incomplete file on their patient that Dr. Mangrove (Tyfffany Million) filed who is thought to have helped Stephens escape from this mental institution. We find that Stephens was fixated on a electronic billboard that he could see from his cell window. When we get a load of this billboard we would understand why a man who is in a straight jacket would go crazy. The billboard in of a normal housewife (Sunset Thomas) putting on some latex gloves. We then cut to her in the kitchen where she then proceeds to massage herpanties while wearing the gloves. The neo-50s style kitchen is replete with the Happy Day's style hot red refrigerator. As the camera pans from one side of the kitchen to anther we get different shots of Thomas getting off by massaging her body with the gloves. This massaging soon breaks down to violent finger fucking and clit abuse as she pushes her gloved digits in and out of her cunt. When Thomas' husband comes home, Thomas is busy doing the dishes which she quickly puts aside. Thomas has a great figure and we are slowly tempted as her husband undresses her and rubs her cleanly shaved pussy. Thomas lays back on the dinning room table and spreads her legs, Zack Adams wastes no time in taking advantage of this willing pussy, and gives her a severe tongue lashing. The music in the background is hypnotic and draws you into the scene, allowing you to concentrate on Thomas. Thomas sucks on Adams' dick while stroking it with the latex gloves on, while pushing her ass into the air. When Adams finally gives her the rod we get a great scene of Thomas lying on the table beautifully bare chested with her shoes still on. Adams then flips Thomas onto her stomach and takes her from behind, smashing her massive tits into the table. Here is were the action heats up as Adams pounds the shit out of her, causing Thomas' eyes to roll up into her head. Holding on to her hips for dear life, Adams does all that he can to smash her into the table without making himself cum. When we get the anal shot, Thomas lies on herback and rubs her clit furiously. Even here, while fucking her in the ass, Adams does not slow down until he strokes off all his juices onto Thomas' tongue. I could understand why a man in a straight jacket would go insane—if they had only given him a free hand I bet he wouldn't have been a problem. When the shot is over we see that this was all a delusion in Stephens' mind, and that the woman in the billboard was just an add for latex gloves. Damn, I hate it when that happens. The next scene shows Stephens in another vision. This one is replete with scantily clad dancers in leather (Emerald Estrada and Debi Diamond). Each walking up to the restrained Stephens and tempting him, all while he can't get a hand free. Stephens is then free of his bonds and has one of the leather dancers sucking on his cock. She wastes no time in bringing Stephens to a full erection as she slobbers on his cock. She then climbs onto his massive rod and gyrates her hips back and forth. This dancer shows off what a turn ongood flexibility can be as her body contorts with each trust. Stephens gets her on her knees and takes her from behind, driving this woman of latex into ecstasy. An especially good shot here is when she is getting it up the ass, for they have her so lubed up that her ass looks like it is glistening with sweat. She shows signs that Stephens cock is almost too much to bare here, but she does not relent. She takes this all the way to a fiery conclusion by getting a sticking spray shot all over her. When this fades away Stephens is back in his restraints. With the fantasy over we see Stephens being interviewed from Dr. Mangrove and her assistant (Tyffany Million and Sam Cooper). Stephens tells the doctors that he can see inside of people, and with a Charles Manson type look asks the doctors to trust him and release his restraints. Malcolm Stephens is able to see inside a person sexual secrets and fantasies when he touches them; he calls it a curse—I would call it a stroke of luck, no pun intended. Soon Stephens begins with Charles Manson-esque ramblings to match his Charles Manson-esque look and facial expressions. And after a short bit of this Dr. Mangrove tries to have him sent back to his room, but when she moves closer he touches her, which in turntouches off her secret fantasy of her fucking her assistant. We then cut directly to her fantasy, where Million is in a latex bra and skirt, looking much like a fuckable dominatrix rather than psychologist. In her mind she pulls Cooper by his tie straight into her chest and soon the two are licking each other furiously. Cooper spreads Million's latex covered legs and then unzips her pants revealing a very pink asshole and willing pussy. After a little kinky horse play (like Million getting finger fuckedin her asshole and lactating), Cooper gags Million with his tie and then blindfolds her with the same, leaving Million to feel her way to Cooper's cock and an awesome blowjob. When the two get down to fucking Cooper gets her on her back and thrusts away. Not to be passive Million busts out with a little pocket rocket for her clit while Cooper fucks her in the ass. Million lets out some violent grunts as she gets plugged by this massive shaft. Finally Million is ass fucked into submission, as she justlays back on the table and gets drilled by Cooper. And all the while Million has her latex knee high boots on. Cooper cums on her latex gloved hands and she licks the cum off of the gloves and his spent penis to end a great scene. I must say that Million has one of the best looking asshole's that I have ever seen. You will agree we you see her take it in the ass in this scene. We then see a fantasy of Stephens' quite abruptly. Kato (Thomas) is apparently his sexual guardian angel; the one who knows everything about him. The question we are left with is whether Stephens is a delusional psychopath or a sexual visionary. We then abruptly cut to a scene of Lacy Rose, Barbara Doll, Tasha Blades and Jordan Lee dancing is a variety of pastel colored latex miniskirts. Each unzips the front of their dress and lifts up their skirts to reveal massive tits and beautifully shaved pussies. Each girl then takes turns rubbing and admiring the breasts and latex covered ass of the other. Soon an incredible hulkish (sans the green make-up) uberdick (Brick Majors) walks into the room which takes the girls' attention away from each other's pussy's and directs it to his massive unit. This is a fabulous scene as each girl positions herself to get a taste of his cock. Those that don't get a chance to smack his cock against their tits or shove it in their mouth, wait patiently in the background either playing with their own clits or sucking on a dildo for good measure. The best part about this scene is all of the differentlatex outfits that the girls are wearing. The packaging is so nice that you almost forget that their is some really great fucking going on. An awesome shot is when Majors lays on his back and each girl takes a turn riding on his cock. When our boy finally blows his load, he drops it onto the face of two of the four willing vixens while a third is displayed on a TV screen directly behind them enjoying the cum as much as the fuck towels who are actually getting the white love glue. Another thing worth mentioning is all of the pocket psychology that comes to you in the form of voice over narration. It increases the movies intense hypnotic draw, by giving you a sensory overload in ver way possible. We then cut to a scene on the Juli Show, where Stephens becomes a guest on a show hosted by Juli Ashton. I am not a big Juli Ashton fan, but I must say that she looks incredible in this scene. She still can't act, but she definitely looks more than fuckable. While on the show Stephens recounts the first time that he discovered that he had the incredible power that he has. We are then transported to the past where Stephens confronts his then girlfriend (Jeanna Fine) about all of the fantasies about other men that he can see in her. When the interview ends, Stephens reaches over to touch Juli, unleashing another fantasy. Juli's fantasy has her dressed in a red latex skirt with a black latex top surrounded by Tom Byron and Cal Jammer. Soon each guy begins to have their way with her as she becomes a passive participant to the wild wonderings of their tongues and hands. The scene is shot in a manner which bleeds the color from the images; this however does not detract from some great shots of Juli willing brown love pipe, which Byron wholly enjoys tongue fucking. Byron also gets first rights in fucking her from behind, while Ashton sucks on Cal's dick. Ashton also takes it in the ass from Byron while Jammer cums on her face and all the while she is rubbing her clit with her red latex gloved hands. Ashton seems to cum so much in this seen that you can see it running down her leg. Both of them blow their loads on her face as she licks the cum right off the tips of their dicks. In the next scene, we finally get to see Stephens at play with his fantastic fantasy Kato. She is dressed in a black latex body suit and follows his every command. Stephens asks her to come touch him, and we see Morgan replaced with Colt Steele, who quickly unsnaps the crotch in her body suit to reveal her beautifully shaved blonde pussy. What is unclear though is whether the transformation to Colt Steele is Stephens' fantasy or Kato's. Thomas then rests her legs over his head as Steele settles down to eat Thomas out. We again see Thomas on her back on the kitchen table as Steele sticks it to her. Thomas looks gratified as she bounces up and down on Steele's cock, riding him while he is sitting back in a chair. Thomas is still wearing the black latex body suit, but here her tits are exposed and bouncing lovably up and down. Again in the background we see Stephens on the television back in the straight jacket, hinting that this is a fantasy that he has no control over. Coltfinally blows his white wad all against the black background of Thomas'' black latex covered chest. Then after all is said and done we see Stephens and Kato leave the very same kitchen together. We are then taken to Stephens trial. It is here that we see who the leader of this futurisitc world—Jonathan Morgan. Now that is a scary thought.. Morgan rants to the crowd as it goes crazy. (Another great feat for porn photography is the CG crowd placed for Morgan's little monologue). We then see a body completely covered in latex, with only small holes for a mouth and eyes. In front of this body we see one of Jeanna Fine's fantasies—to be fucked by two men neither of whom are Stephens (here it is Vince Voyeur and Richie Razor). With the aid of computer graphics it looks like Fine is fucking in front of a crowd of thousands. Fine does a great job of taking Razor in the cunt while on her knees and also sucking on Vince Voyeur's dick. Razor does a great job of loosening up Fine's pussy which some greatfucking, all while Jonathan Morgan watches from the background. While all of this great action is taking place, we see Kato come in and free Stephens in front of live television. Fine gets pummeled here as Vince and Razor pound her intensely in both of her love holes. Finally, Fine gets two mouth loads of cum as both guys jerk off on her face one by one. We then cut to Stephens back in the latex suit with Kato sucking on his exposed cock. Then Stephens is able to rise from the chair and squirt a massive orgasm all over Thomas face and tits. It seems as though he will never stop blowing clumps of love juice into he mouth. Thomas spreads it all over her chest and tits, fully engrossed in her cum bath. About a gallon of fake love juice is shot all over her mouth tits and cunt, but because the scene is in black and white it looks all too real. And this is the magic of the scene. This is the hottest scene I have seen in a long time and it ends the movie the way a movie should end, with the best and dirtiest cum scene at the end.  

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