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Title: Buttman in Barcelona  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Buttman in Barcelona
140 minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
THEMES: Euro women
2003 (Original 1997)
STARS: Stephanie Silver, Maria Sanchez, Belinda, Lucie, Elizabeth Shay, Sheherazade, and Pamela Dregez
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)

This originally was produced in 97, but the people of Evil Angel decided to transfer this to a DVD format. After some shots of Barcelona at night we get our first girl Stephanie Sliver. After a long buildup they finally move inside and start to work. Stephanie is a cute girl with a nice natural rack and tight body. Her oral shows lots of hand work and she gets about 1/3 down her throat, but she lacks energy and variation. Stephanie gets eaten out and goes straight to doggie. From there it's a nice cowgirl, mish, and standing doggie. They finger her ass for a short bit then go to a flat doggie and the guy pulls out and cums on Stephanie's ass and pussy. This first scene is kind of week and Stephanie doesn't show too much heat.

Rocco is now in the video and we get more shots of Barcelona. They pick up Elizabeth Shay, an average looking brunette with a natural rack and nice ass. They move up to Rocco's hotel room and the two strip her down as Rocco eats out her ass and pussy. Elizabeth does her best to choke down Rocco's dick, but the best she can do is work on the head, uses lots of hand work, and shows low energy. They start with a standing mish then go to a very good cowgirl, RCG, mish, and finally doggie. The scene ends with Rocco pulling out and jerking off on her ass and pussy.

Some more sightseeing and our next girls up are Maria Sanchez and Lucie. Lucie is the better looking of the two with a nice ass and large rack. The girls strip down and model for a bit then break off to their parolee. Both girls don't show too much in oral skills, but there is some nice tongue work by Maria. Lucie is the first to get fucked as she hops on her guy RCG, doggie, and cowgirl. Maria works on her own guy cowgirl then mish. Both pairs converge on each other as Lucie gets fucked mish and Maria doggie and then a break for the guys to rest. Eventually they get back to fucking with both girls getting an anal doggie and then anal spoons. Lucie goes the extra step with a long anal RCG. The scene ends with the guy fucking Maria pulling out and jerking off on her ass and Lucie jerking off her guy till he cums on both girls faces. I think Lucie really dominates this scene, but both show good energy.

The next scene starts in some kind of contest in a huge theater. They find one of the blondes at the beach and they finger her pussy in the car as they go back to the hotel. Once there Sheherazade shows some below average oral skills. She only gets about half of the guy down her throat, but she has decent energy. They start fucking with a short doggie that transitions to a RCG, a good looking cowgirl, anal doggie, anal RCG, and finally anal cowgirl. The scene ends with the guy jerking off onto Sheherazade's face and open mouth. Sheherazade brings good energy during the sex and glasses fans get a bonus as she wears her sunglasses during the entire scene.

Pamela is an average looking French girl with a pale complexion, large ass, and a natural rack. After a quick interview, Pamela gets down to business with her two parolees out on a hotel balcony. Her oral shows lots of hand work and she keeps fairly shallow. They move indoors and Pamela gets fucked doggie, cowgirl, RCG, standing doggie, anal mish, and anal doggie. The scene ends with one guy jerking off and cumming mostly on her tits and the other guy dropping a weak load on her face and open mouth.

The last girl up is Belinda and they stalk her all over town as she shows off her ass wearing a lace see-through miniskirt. Once they get her into the room we get some excellent shots of her ass. Belinda's oral skills show a very deliberate pace and some nice tongue work, but she keeps fairly shallow only working the top 1/3 of the guy in her mouth. There are some extreme shots of her getting oral, but it's too bad her clit doesn't peak out too often. Belinda gets fucked spoon, a nice cowgirl, mish, and anal doggie. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and jerking off on her ass and tits.
Other features you get include a fetish menu, a video commentary from Buttman, a photo gallery, and some cast lists.
Overall: Considering that this movie is about seven years old it holds up fairly well. The setups are a bit too long at times, but you get to see Rocco in his prime. None of the girls went on to any kind of stardom so rent this only if you're a big fan of the Buttman series.  


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