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Title: Taste Her Ass  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Kylie Ireland's Taste Her Ass

Kid Cocky TM

Time- 130 minutes
Company- X Platinum
Director- Kylie Ireland
Cast- Olivia O'Lovely, Isabel, Kami Andrews, Jamie Brooks, Nicki Hunter, Tyla Wynn, Michelle B, Lucy Lee, Jackie Moore, and Kurt Lockwood.

Kid Cocky
Much to the chagrin of her fans, Kylie Ireland only appears in the behind the scenes footage of this movie. She takes no part in the nastiness of this flick. Although I'm a big fan of Kylie, this movie was just fine without her. She did a great job directing, and she made a giant leap towards becoming one of the legitimate directors in the adult industry.
Watching the behind the scenes of this movie just made me wish I was on the set. Kurt Lockwood, who was cast as the male lead in two scenes, brought a puppy to the set. I have never seen one animal get the attention of so many beautiful whores. This dog was stole the show on many occasions. Kurt had to fight the women to be able to return with his puppy. They just loved him.
Back to the behind the scenes footage. Kylie made everyone feel at home. She did things right. Unlike most behind the scenes footage where creepy guys attempt to fondle cute teenagers, the action that went on for this footage was just plain fun. Kami Andrew, Tyla Wynn, and Steve Holmes just can't get enough of each other. As they eat at the snack table, Steve can't stop licking Kami and Tyla's pussies. Kami even lets him eat a nacho out of her ass. Tyla playfully follows Kylie around with a dildo, and Kami has an intellectual conversation about the merits of eating ass. This stuff is top notch. Then the editor puts together a montage of Kami's funnies quotes. If you don't know Kami, she says some funny shit. As an example, she goes back and forth licking an asshole, a pussy, and a dirty cock and says, "I love this buffet." How does she keep a strait face?
The bonus footage goes on. Kurk Lockwood does everything he can to get into Kylie's pants... which leads to some aggressive groping of the director while he fucks another babe. The cameras catch a few guys peaking in on the set. Brandon Irons makes an appearance as a cameraman. To my surprise, he comes across as a nice guy. Kurt Lockwood also fucks for quite a while when off set too... then he promotes his website www.kurtlockwood.com. Which but the way, has photos from his scene with Lucy Lee and Jackie Moore. The main point I want to make about the behind the scenes is that everything looks fun. The stars are enjoying themselves... and you just don't see that much anymore.
The movie itself is broken down into little vignettes. Kami, Tyla, and Steve lead us off with a scene titled, "Catch of the Day." It is played out as if Steve and Kami are married. Steve brings the naked Tyla home in the trunk of his car. He apparently found her on his way to the supermarket. He brings her home to Kami, they have nasty sex, and then she tells him to take her back. It didn't quite make sense, but it was fun. Although the chemistry was hot, my girlfriend found Kami's comical ass eating comments to be distracting. By contrast, I enjoyed the comments... even if they were a little distracting. If nothing else, that's what makes Kami different. Who else would say, "Mmmm, your ass tastes like strawberry shortcake." By the way, Kami's website lists hundreds of her favorite quotes. These include the now famous, "Open my ass like a 7-11."
I'll give Steve props for the ending. He cums twice in a row. It must be all that ass eating.
The next scene starred Michelle B, Jamie Brooks and Jean Val Jean. Jamie and Michelle both have tremendous racks. They are both very attractive blondes, and the both take a thorough anal rogering. All the scenes were two girl three ways, which I think lends to the best the sexual dynamics. The scene with Alex Devine, Kurt Lockwood, and a Nikki Hunter was particularly interesting. Alex is a very passive whore, while Nikki is very aggressive. You could tell that Alex did her best to mimic Nikki's style, but she was clearly more comfortable being less verbal. I bet she was thinking, "Shut the fuck up, bitch." Kurt put together a good scene. He's pretty decent looking, in good shape, and the chicks seem to dig him. That puts him in a league ahead of most porn studs.
All in all this was an entertaining movie. I'd buy another Kylie movie before I buy most gonzo stuff. I recommend you do the same.
Kid Cocky
"I've spread more legs than ballet."


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