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Title: Bring Um Young 18  
Reviewer: Nick Night  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Bring'Um Young 18
167 Minutes.
THEMES: Teens, Anal Sex
STARS: Viola, Polina, Leila, Judit, Lora, Kelli,


Jon Dough and Anabolic have given up on American teens and have taken their crew overseas to pick up some young European girls. Jon Strong, John Dough and Erik Everhard are listed on the box, but I don't think any of them are in the movie.

Scene 1: Polina, John Strong & Guy

Polina is nineteen and from the Ukraine. The guys stand on either side of her while she sucks their cocks. They get on the couch for doggy with a dick in her pussy and the other in her mouth. The music is so loud that we don't really hear any of the actual sounds of their fucking and Polina is kind of dull. They do her in reverse cowgirl, vag & anal. Even the DP can't seem to wake her up very much. They both cum on her tits.

Scene 2: Kelli & two guys

Kelli is another Ukrainian teen who is OK looking. Two guys take her on the bed and start fucking her. She isn't much more enthused than the Polina was. She has small boobs and a thin body. They fuck her with her shoes on and her dress around her stomach. The action isn't great, but she does anal pretty well. Doggy anal is the best stuff so far and she licks up their cum after they shoot on her chin.

Scene 3: Laura & Guy

Laura is the prettiest girl yet. She looks older than eighteen and has thick legs, but a very pretty face. The guy eats her pussy and she sucks his dick. The music isn't as loud this time and that is a good change. He bends her over and fucks her pussy from behind. Laura is the best fuck of the movie, but doesn't take anal. Instead she waits for him to jerk off all over her face after fucking her pussy hard.

Scene 4: Edit & Guy

Edit has really nice tits and a big ass. She gives pretty boring head though. It gets better later after the guy goes down on her. He sticks his dick into her pussy and she just lies there like a fish. In spoon the camera is too close and you can see the cottage cheese on her thighs. The same thing happens with her ass in cowgirl, but big asses aren't as bad as lumpy thighs. He fucks her big ass and then she does the work with reverse cowgirl. The facial is good because she jerks him off onto her tongue and swallows what she can.

Scene 5: Viola & 2 Guys

This girl is nice looking, but cold from the start. She moves her head back and forth between their dicks with her eyes closed like she is bored. I hate watching girls who look like they want to be somewhere else. The guys fuck her pussy and keep her blowing them. They cum on her face and send her home.

Scene 6: Leila & 2 Guys

Leila is really cute, but super skinny. She seems to have more fun fucking and gets nailed pretty hard. They hold her ass open when she is on top and that shows off a bunch of red bumps all over her ass. Yuck! They get her into reverse cowgirl for some great anal footage. It took a long time, but we finally have some good stuff. The double penetration is really good and Leila actually shows some good energy as well. They reward her with a lot of cum for her pretty teenaged face.


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