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Title: Rogue Adventures 26  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: B


Joey Silvera's Rogue Adventures 26
MOVIE TYPE: Trans-Sexual
190 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera
CONDOMS: A couple
STARS: Vanity, Lyla Lei, Yasmin Lee, Ariana Jollee, Domynyk Dumont, Destiny, Selina, Bianca, Laena, Delilah Strong, Christina XXX


No one does she-male porn like Joey Silvera. This one stars a lot of female porn stars with the T-Girls. Maybe that it help the movie appeal to straight guys. Frankly I would rather see the T-Girls giving it to some of the pretty boys of porn. Maybe that is the next step.

Scene 1: Lyla Lei & Yasmin Lee

Lyla in a leather mask and leash. Yasmin is very skinny and feminine looking. It is Yasmin's first time with a girl. It is not Lyla's first time sucking on a big dick though. She gags and chokes on it. Yasmin doesn't quite now how to dirty talk, but tries hard. Lyla rides it, gets doggied and screwed in mish. She sits sideways on Yasmin with the dick up her butt. Lyla licks Yasmin's ass and takes cum on her face.

Scene 2: Vanity & Ariana Jollee

One of the biggest TS stars ever and one of the biggest female porn stars in the business today. Vanity comes over to borrow a cup of sugar. Later she comes back in fetish attire with a boy toy. Ariana and the boy take turns sucking on that thick dick. They move to the kitchen and Ariana takes it in the ass from Vanity. The T-Goddess uses a riding crop on AJ's ass as she orders her boy to stick his tongue in there. No anal at first for the boy, but he swallows all of Vanity's tool. Lots of anal for Ariana and some double penetration when the boy gets involved. Ariana gets a strap on and the boy takes Vanity up the bum. He gives it back to Vanity and then lets both of the girls cum on his chest.

Scene 3: Domynyk Dumont, Bianca & Laena

In Brazil two T-Girls and one real girl play on the street. Laena is the real girl with big boobs and a pussy. The T-Girls have riding crops and slap her pussy while she sucks dick. Bianca is very feminine looking, but the other T-Girl looks old and has butchered breasts. Laena sucks their big dicks. A real boy come in and she sucks him as well. The boy fucks Bianca up the butt and Domynyk fucks Leana. Bianca cums and has trouble staying hard. Domynyk gives it to Laena and then cums all over herself. The girls get together and all get the boy off.

Scene 4: Selina & Delilah Strong

Selina has the dick and she is the prettier girl in the scene. Both of them are prettier than the boy though. Delilah watches the boy suck the T-dick for a while. Delilah sucks Selina while the boy fills the T-Girl's mouth. In this scene the TS is prettier than the girl and hung better than the guy. Selina fucks Delilah in the pussy from below and behind. The boy fucks Selina in the ass. Delilah sucks both dicks at the same time. Everyone gets off on Selina's stomach.

Scene 5: Destiny & Christian

Destiny is a pretty black TS who wants to have a fuck with a guy in a tie. She is an American he-she who would fool anyone until her clothes come off. She is almost as tall as the handsome bald man she is working with. Destiny takes the big cock into her mouth. He's a good cock sucker too. He gives it to her in the ass and she can barely take it. Really good anal here. This guy is apparently a straight male porn guy and I'm going to have to check him out. He doesn't take it, but dishes out the big dick with style, making Density cum all over herself. In turn he shoots a nice load on her pretty black lips.

Great looking T-Girls with big dicks fucking porn girls and being fucked by some decent looking guys. Joey is the King and this is a TS movie that will appeal to straight fans, gay fans and everyone in between.   


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