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Title: Satyr  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Like most Michael Zen features, Satyr is a surreal look at sexual fantasy inhabited only by beautiful people. Zen's big budget feature features Wicked regulars Jenna and Missy and also features big budget actresses like Asia Carerra and Stacy Valentine. Asia is decked out in some weird ass costumes and the art direction is, of course, elaborate. Jenna is a hot young college student on her way to Asia's home to interview her on animal magnetism. Along the way her car breaks down and she has to walk the rest of the way. By the time she reaches Asia's pad, it's late and she will stay the night, waiting until morning for someone to fix her car. Before she arrives, Asia Carerra, is being pleasured by two young hunks-Mickey G and Brad Armstrong. The guys each take one side of her body and like and fondle her gorgeous breasts. When the clothes finally come off Asia is treated to Mickey's long tongue as he laps ferociously at her sweet pussy lips. She takes Brad's huge hairless cock into her mouth and devours the length of his rod all the way to the back of her throat. Cutting back to Mickey's tongue we hear him growl and watch, as his fingernails grow long and pointed. This scene ends before any hot fucking ensues but don't worry, this is porn after all and stopping before it gets really good just makes the anticipation that much more exciting. Missy is the beautiful young maid who shows Jenna to her sleeping quarters. She seems worried about Jenna, knowing of course what Jenna is getting herself into. The walls are thin in Asia's house and Jenna can here the loud growling and grunting going on in the next room. Mickey and Asia are at it again, Mickey fucking her with his long tongue. Asia is crazy with passion and returns the grunts with fierce determination. This scene is kind of silly but appropriate I suppose considering the story line. The clothes come off and Asia plants her throat on Mickey's thick dick, sucking and swallowing as she rubs the length of his cock with her hand. Asia looks beautiful, as usual and much sexier than in the first scene because she's not donning the wild ceremonial hat thing (I won't even bother to explain). Mickey finally plants his porker into her wet pussy and fucks her like a dog on all fours. The shots here are tame but great for the lovers not partial to hardcore. This is a great flick for your lady friends who need a plot and are looking for some tame action and beautiful people. They fuck in only two positions and then he pulls out and cums all over her flat tummy. Jenna, alone on the guest bed notices a beautiful clear rubber dildo on the bed beside her. She starts sucking on it and then pushes it gently into her awaiting pussy. Before that she spits on herself for easier insertion. She rubs it back and forth against her pussy lips while Missy watches from behind the door. Missy begins to fantasize that she is sharing the clear cock with Jenna and the two share a pretty wild scene. Missy takes the toy in her mouth and then slides it in and out of Jenna's sweet cunt. Pushing in and out with her own head. The fantasy sequence cuts back and forth to Missy standing in the corner rubbing her clit. In the fantasy the girls are kissing and fondling each other. The girls are beautiful and the lighting soft so this of course is a pleasant girl/girl and I'm sure most big budget fans who love the lesbian action will cream their skivvies with this scene. Jenna gets on all fours and finger fucks herself while Missy stands over her and fingers Jenna's tight asshole. This finger DP is short but sweet and the ladies finish it off with the dildo pushed all the way up Jenna's ass. Before Missy leaves the lady to her beauty sleep she seals it with a kiss and then steals a book that Jenna had on the foot of her bed. The cover of the book reads Satyr. The next morning Jenna and Asia conduct their interview while walking among the properties grandiose gardens. Jenna is reluctant to believe that Satyrs actually exist but Asia is determined to prove their existence. Jenna's car is repaired and she is about to go when Missy warns her to leave and never to return. Brad walks Jenna to her car and invites her to attend an authentic Bacchanal (a Greek orgy). The Bacchanal scene is next and actually quite sexy. Chloe decked out in feathers lies on her back while the beautiful Mark Davis fingers her pussy quick and hard until she cums and then he cleans up her juices with his incredible tongue. A small group watches as Mark takes his fat cock and pummels Chloe's tight pussy. Mark holds her feet high in the air and his balls slap gently on her ass, for couples this scene is really sexy. Chloe flips over on all fours and Mark pushes his cock deep in her back door. The anal is soft and sweet and suitable for the ladies who get sick of the gaping asshole shots. Marks ass is definitely not an ugly site as it bounces up and down in front of the camera. He pulls out and jerks off all over her sweet tits. Brad and Jenna join the party along with Mickey and Asia. Jenna lies back on a rock and sucks on Brad's fingers while Mickey slides his tongue back and forth over Jenna's clit. Mark is a great at oral sex and always seems to please the ladies with his long tongue and his desire to get his whole face in there munching and sucking on her dripping pussy. Jenna loses it and pushes his face away to make room for her own fingers. She slides two fingers into her cunt and fucks hard and fast. Mickey uses his tongue and continues to lick below her thrusts. Asia meanwhile watches from afar with a sly grin. Jenna gets on all fours and takes Mickey's tongue up the ass while she sucks Brad's hard cock. The great thing about this cast of guys is that they are all nice to look at and their cocks are always rock hard and hairless (just the way I like them). Mickey slams his cocks in Jenna's pussy from behind while she continues to devour Brad's cock and rub her clit with her fingers. This is an amazing scene for couples that are bored with Vivid's humdrum erotica. The men share a final moment when they stroke themselves silly all over Jenna's wanting mouth and then lick her clean. She passes out and they bring her back to the house. Asia and Brad speak of the transformation and we watch as Jenna's body goes through some wicked changes. The next morning Jenna fights an uncontrollable urge to fuck Brad while Missy is punished by Asia. Missy bends over and Asia sticks a tailed butt plug up her ass. She then drops on her knees and sucks Asia's pussy. The cunt licking is exchanged and Asia's wild knack at oral pleasures drives Missy to cum several times. Jenna is awakened later by terrible nightmares. In her dream she is wandering through a forest and happens upon Stacy Valentine being ravished by Peter North and Tom Byron. Tom starts fucking her from behind while she continues to suck Peter's cock. They soon engage in a DP, which ends with the guys spraying her mouth with their love pudding. Jenna wakes from the dream and finds a horn is growing from her head. The transformation is upsetting Brad and he searches for the book so that he may change her back before it's too late. Asia scolds him and reminds him that as a satyr he is to have to feelings and no regrets. Rummaging through the garage he finds the book and learns of the spell that will change her back. Jenna, who has now grown a horn, tail and hoofs finds Brad in the forest, in full Satyr form is immediately drawn to him. The sex scene is really hard to enjoy because the beautiful Brad Armstrong has horns and monster makeup. During the sex Brad casts the spell that releases her from her Satyr state and she changes back and runs from the beast. He is saddened by her departure but knows he has done the right thing. This flick is not for the hardcore fan although it's definitely much hotter than most soft core couples porn. The makeup and costumes are elaborate with a beautiful cast and decent story. I would recommend this film for couples who are bored with traditional soft porn but are not into the realism of gonzo or hardcore.  

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