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Title: Dr. She Male  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Forget Notting Hill this summer-this is the ultimate date movie! This poorly thrown together piece of trash is, in its' finest moments-quite interesting and sometimes even amusing. But this does not last long, in the end you will truly want this grueling two hours of your life back. In the first scene the beautiful Dr. She Male (Allenina) examines an unsuspecting patient and determines that he needs to have his penis removed. Before the removal however, the penis must first be erect. Dr. She Male drops her drawers and exposes her claim-to-fame-a very small but nonetheless, existent twig and berries. Allenina leans over and proceeds to suck on the patients cock (also, not the biggest snake in the cage). This cock-sucking goes on far too long and it is obvious that although Dr. She Male has a dick, there's little she can actually do with it. Allenina is very sexy-she's got a nice face, petite little body and nice tits. But then of course THE FACT THAT SHE HAS A DICK kind of ruins it for me. The patient moves to Allenina and begins to suck on her rod for a while. I swear they must be ad-libbing the whole thing and the film may have been stronger had they not tried so hard to attach a story around lady doctors with dicks and the male patients who love them! After fifteen minutes of dick sucking they finally move on to some 69. The patient buries his head in the doctor's asshole while her balls graze his face. She rolls over, sits her poopshoot on the guy's dick and fucks him while stroking her still limp dick. It might be smart to watch this flick with the mute button on because if the chicks-with-dicks thing is not a turn-off, the horrible dialogue and fake moaning get really nauseating. The patient sucks her dick again, paying close attention to her hairy balls and then he fucks her in the ass again until he cums. Dr. She Male strokes her cock this whole time but the thing never gets hard enough to be of any use. The patient finally shoots his load all over the pretty doctor and she changes her mind about the surgery-like we really care at this point. Ok, I've seen a lot of porn and not all the ladies and gents of porn deserve an Oscar for their fine acting abilities but this is ridiculous!! The next chick with a dick is the WORST actor I have ever seen! Lilenne Li is a naughty nurse who approaches a doctor about her desire to have a sex change. The doctor decides to give the nurse an oral exam before performing the surgery. The blonde doctor drops his scrubs and lets the nurse put his lips around his dick. Not only does Lilenne Li not know how to act but she can't even suck dick. This whole scene is very unsexy! The couple repeat the same positions seen by Dr. She Male and the same that follow in the last scene. They suck each other's dick and then the guy fucks the other guy in the ass. More than likely any curiosity surrounding hermaphroditic-porn has already been fulfilled so you can hit stop and rewind now! In the last scene, a doctor takes advantage of a sleeping nurse. The doctor removes his scrubs to reveal a small curved dick and he fondles and kisses the nurses nipples. Then the doctor decides to give himself an enema but shortly thereafter is interrupted by a male patient. The patient sees the naked doctor and sleeping beauty and decides he wants a piece of the action. The guys proceed to fondle the nurse until she wakes up. The nurse wakes to two dicks in her mouth but she is not at all miffed. The men are not bothered by the fact that the nurse has a dick and they continue in a very masculine threesome. If you feel the need to feed some sort of curiosity, this film will definitely do the trick. In the end, this film is just a very bad guy/guy porn. And if gay porn is your thing rent a flick where the guys can actually use their dicks. This piece of crap is boring and a complete waste of time.  

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