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Title: Silk Stockings  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Alexandra Silk has created a new series based on different chapters in the book she's writing (yeah right) about fetishes. In Silk Stockings, Alexandra Silk explores the desire and fetish men seem have with women's stockings. This film is a collection of scenes with each of the women clad in some really sexy and/or outrageous garters and stockings. In the first scene, an attractive blonde is wearing a short black mini-skirt, a black blouse and red accents. She has patent red stilettos over thigh-high, garterless red stockings and a sexy set of red panties and bra. The guy concentrates first on her feet, unbuckling the strap on her heels and removing her shoes. He runs his fingers all over her body and then runs his tongue over the red panties. He holds her leg in his hands and kisses her feet through the stockings, concentrating on her toes and the arch of her foot. He kisses his way from her feet to her breasts and back again while she fondles his crotch with her toes. She drops to her knees and gives him a BJ and then they trade places on the chair and she removes her panties and spreads her legs wide for his warm tongue. He buries his head in her pussy and her legs push his head in closer to her body. He stands up and pushes his cock into her small hole. He holds her legs open and thrusts in and out of her pussy while she moans and wails. While the scene is nice to look at, the shots jump back and forth so often and the camera focuses so heavily on her stocking-clad legs that I found it unarousing. But hey, I don't have a stocking fetish so my opinion may not be valid in this case. I do love porn though, and stockings or no stockings, this was boring. The next scene if for the light bondage/stocking fetishist. Shay Sweet, wearing a neon pink mini- dress and matching fishnet stockings come crawling up the stairs to her female master. Again the attention is focused on the stockings and the removal of the shoes. Shay rubs her feet all over her lovers tits while she rubs the chain-link leash from her dog collar in between her tanned pussy lips. Shay has her cunt sucked by her master and throws her head back as the blonde rubs her tongue up and down her clit. The woman lies on her back and Shay gets on all fours and buries her head into her pussy. Later they enjoy an enormous clear rubber cock. Shay pushes the dildo in and out of the woman's pussy and then she climbs on top of her and slides the other end in her own dripping love-hole. Shay rides her in a backwards-cowgirl, bouncing up and down on the long cock. They cum together and enjoy a tender kiss. In the next scene, stockings are looked at as a tool for the career woman. Coming home from a hard day at the office, the beautiful Allysin Chaynes finds her lover by the pool and they converse briefly and then retire to the couch. Allysin is wearing a soft apricot colored blouse, matching stockings and a black skirt. On the couch, warm light spills in through the window and the warmth in the air is as smooth as the color of her outfit. Her lover slowly undresses her and kisses her nipples gently, biting softly and teasing them with his tongue. He removes her stockings and massages her legs (she has beautiful legs). Special attention is paid to her legs and her skin. Shadows spill out over her body from behind the window shades. He pours lotion on her feet and gives her a foot massage. (Hint: not so much lotion Guy, you're no "Foot Fuckin' Master" all right!) Her lover rubs all the lotion into her skin and then pulls out a second pair of stockings, this pair is a soft shade of lavender. He puts them on one leg at a time and attaches them to her garters. The whole stocking/garter removal and application is very sensual and sweet. Most women would love this because he is taking care of her. After he pulls a sheer lavender nightgown over her head she thanks him generously by dropping to her knees and pleasuring her man with her mouth. Allysin sucks slowly on her lover's cock, music muffling the slurping and moaning sounds. She rolls over on all fours and takes her lover's cock in her pussy. This scene is very soft and cable-ready and the whole mood is very warm and romantic, just like the color of her stockings, her hair and make-up and the sunlight bouncing in behind the window shades against the fluffy white couch. In the next scene, a wealthy couple on their way out for the evening are struck with an urge to fuck in the kitchen. The blonde woman is wearing a sleek black dress and formal black heels. Her lover looks classy but stiff in his black tuxedo. The woman is wearing black stockings attached to a satin black garter belt, simple but elegant. The couple rarely kiss or caress each other, their actions are forced out of selfishness rather than a desire to be with each other. After some rough doggie style he fucks her missionary and then pulls out and shoots his load all over the top of her head and in her hair. All the research has gotten Alexandra hot so she goes home and primps for her man. After flipping through several pairs of stockings she picks out a black pair, accompanied by black pumps and a black/blue bra and panty set. She models for her man, teasing him and playing with him. She is laughing and free-spirited and her lover rips her stockings off and licks her toes. The couple fuck like lovers and then, at her request, he shoots his juices all over her feet and the camera moves in close on her wet digits. Sitting outside now she wonders aloud about her next chapter. She chooses the Panty Fetish. This of course will be the next installment in the video series. I wasn't that crazy about this film because I don't have a stocking fetish and I found all the camera shots of feet and legs to be rather tedious. I did however love the Allysin Chaynes scene. You might think I read too much into the film, but I can't help but see an underlying theme here (nothing profound mind you). Is Alexandra Silk simply stating that the color or style of a woman's stocking's can say a lot about the Woman? In the first scene the girl is quiet and clinical. Her red stockings look hard against the white walled room and I found the whole scene to be quite uniform. The next scene focused on the two girls and the light play on bondage. Shay's hot pink fishnets allude to an adolescent nature and immaturity when observed alongside her domineering partner in black fishnets. Allysin comes home from work looking like she fell off the Ally McBeal bandwagon in her sexy but smart corporate attire and apricot-colored stockings. She approaches her lover sunning by the pool and he massages her tired legs and makes passionate love to her on a big white couch. Even the cum shot was clean. The mood of each scene in this film seems to parallel that of the style, texture or color or the woman's stockings. Note: If I paid this much attention to the underlying theme in a skin-flick, it isn't worth recommending, unless of course you're really into feet. To Each His own.  

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