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Title: Seymore Butts Goes Deep Inside Shane  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


After a confusing prologue where Seymore gets his dick sucked by a number of women and we see a girl get her pussy and asshole pummeled by Ron Jeremy, Seymore meets up with the painfully sexy Shane in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Shane has just performed at a bachelor party and she claims that it has made her really horny. After the party she made the guys take her shopping where she bought some new toys. They guys from the bachelor party were probably unaware that they would not be the lucky bastards that would help her try them out. That job would go to her lover Seymore. In typical Seymore fashion, he enters a room with the camera fully loaded. Shane is resting in bed and when Seymore pulls the covers off he reveals that Shane is naked and using one of the new toys, a small pink two headed vibrator. Seymore helps her use it, fucking her cunt hard and fast while his finger is lost in her asshole. Like all of Seymore's work, close-up is an understatement. Depending on the size of your television screen her cunt could actually be about thirty inches. He sets the camera down and begins to lap away at her pussy and clit with his own vibrating tongue. This guy is good with his tongue and is making Shane ooze with cum as he licks up her juices. He takes mouthfulls of her cum, sucking the entire area of her engorged pussy. Shane cums about four times and then uses a large vibrator on her clit as she takes Seymore's fat cock all the way down to her tonsils. She sucks with such determination and excitement that I'm surprised Seymore lasted as long as he did. As you know from the prologue, when Seymore does cum, he wails and moans like a baby, sounding like a zombie right before he cums, his screams are that of total enjoyment and a total loss of control. It gets old after a while but hearing him making those whimpering noises is such aturn on and Shane loves every minute of it, continuing to strain every muscle in her mouth to give him the best head he's probably ever received. Shane flips over on all fours like a dog and Seymore, holding the camera again in one hand and her hair in the other, pounds away her pussy from behind like a jackhammer. He turns the camera every once in a while to face a mirror, admiring the sexy blonde attached to his hard cock. They fuck uncontrollably for a while and then he pulls out and cums all over her face. More of the same the next morning as Seymore positions the camera in a myriad of angles, forcing us to watch veins and muscles twitch on his dick as she sucks him hard. His zombie like groans continue as he fucks her pussy really hard, pounding away like their was no tomorrow. She is literally in such a tizzy when he pushes her from his dick and shoots his load up onto her face. Two hours later. According to Shane. Fifteen minutes later. According to Seymore. Seymore joins Shane in the room's hot tub, and guess what....They go at it again. Share the wealth will you Shane? Shane is such a horny bitch and so incredibly cute though that I can't imagine a guy that would have a problem getting it up again so quickly for her. They fuck again. And again. And again in the bathroom. She deep throats him, getting his cock all slippery and ready to slip smoothly in her tight asshole. This unfortunately does not last long however, as soon as his cock is sucked in deeply by her sphincter he's a goner and he cums all over her asshole. Later that evening in front of the Treasure Island hotel's erupting volcano Seymore asks Shane to move in with him. After a bit of reluctance she agrees so it's back to Los Angeles for them. At LAX it's Seymore's cousin Phil that picks them up. Phil is not alone, he's with a chick named Rebecca that he met at a grocery store and he's driving Seymore's truck. Phil and Rebecca get in the back seat and Shane gets behind the wheel while Seymore films the new couple. Rebecca pulls Phil's big cock out the side of his shorts and sucks him hard and deep, Seymore reaches out from behind the camera to grab her ass. They pull up into Seymore's driveway and they take off their clothes. Still in the back seat, Rebecca sitting upright with her legs spread wide open, screams as Phil's tongue moves quickly up and down her hard clit. Sliding fingers in and out of her wet cunt, Phil fucks her with his fingers. From another angle we see that Shane is still in the front seat enjoying the show. When Phil finally slides his hard cock into Rebecca's dripping pussy her cunt is so wet from excitement that you can hear all the juices being slopped around in there with each thrust. Although I find cousin Phil to be quite a turnoff,this scene had me in shambles. Shane finally gets involved, massaging Phil's balls from behind as he pushes the shaft deep into Rebecca's cunt. Rebecca has some major orgasms and then they switch positions, Rebecca now riding him in a backward cowboy, her ass bouncing up and down on his dick. His cock is lost in her tight asshole. Shane is lying in the very back seat rubbing her own clit. This scene is unbelievable, I can't imagine how Seymore can keep such a steady hand on the camera . I keep expecting him to lose it any minute and jump in the back with Shane. Phil finally pulls out of her back door and shoots his juices all over her open mouth. The next morning Seymore wakes up Shane by shoving his big dick in her pussy from her naked behind in bed. This wakes her up immediately and she coos into her pillow as Seymore pushes his rod deep inside her wet pussy. He pulls out and she pleasures herself with her vibrators again, cumming so hard and screaming loudly into her pillow. Thirty minutes later, a new friend of Shane's arrives for an official meeting with Seymore. Seymore unfortunately is still asleep so Shane decides to do some filming of her own. Heather, a stripper from Vegas strips out of her overalls in front of Shane and reveals a nice firm body. Heather plays with herself for the camera, inserting her fingers deep inside her pussy. She bends over on all fours and rubs her snatch, slipping multiple fingers in and out of her cunt. Shane suggests that Heather go wake up Seymore so she positions herself next to him on the bed and turns on one of Shane's vibrators. The noise wakes him up and he finds a beautiful woman masturbating in his bed. He kisses her breasts and moves his mouth down to meet her pussy. He fucks her with his fingers, deep down into her wet cunt and uses his tongue to stimulate and tease her clit. You can tell he's getting excited before you ever see his cock because he starts making the zombie moans again. He sucks and drinks-in the pool of spooge that has formedand then digs in again with two fingers in her cunt and one pushing slowly in and out of her poop shoot. He leans over and buries his face in her wet pussy, fucking her asshole with his fingers in quick and short thrusts. Heather takes Seymore in her mouth and sucks his cock slowly, pulling it all the way back to her throat. He sticks his cock in her wet cunt and they fuck hard and fast. He moves his member to her back door while she uses the vibrator on her clit and cums again. Seymore hammers awayat her ass and then pulls out and starts fucking her mouth with his cock until his desperate moans heighten and increase to absurd levels and he cums all over her face. In the last scene Shane interrupts Seymore while taking a dump to let him know that she's leaving for labor day weekend to the river with some girlfriends. She kisses the camera goodbye and leaves him alone with the sports page. I really enjoyed this flick. I love gonzo porn that allows you to follow the filmmaker through a look at his/her own sex life as opposed to seeking out the sex life of others. Shane is incredibly sexy and it's such a shame that she's not in front of the camera anymore because her stuff is such great fun. Some of the camera angles or the lack of story structuremight be a turn-off for some people but for the rest of you horn dogs out there, if the Shane/Seymore scene and the Phil/Rebecca scene aren't enough to make you cream your jeans, you may want to visit the doctor.  

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