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Title: Shut Up And Blow Me!  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Talking directly into the camera, Sindee Coxx assures us that she never lets us down. As some guy walks slowly on a treadmill, Sindee seats herself in front of this guy and starts sucking away at his cock. Making eyes at the camera the whole time, you would think she could care less about what was in her mouth. Her slutty slurping and satisfied moans are tiring and bored and it's a shame that the film had to open with such a droll scene. In scene two, a flashy southern belle named Dakota takes a tiny dick in her mouth while watching herself on a large television set behind her. Like most of the scenes in this oral flick the camera never shows the face of the lucky guy so I'm not sure who this guy is but from the waist down he's nothing to write home about! The drama queen does her best however to pretend his little peter is more than a mouthful. Watching Dakota on screen is quite painful, her loud moans only slightly more ridiculous than her overacting. Staring straight into the camera she moans, "I crave cock". All I'm craving right now is a rewrite and for this shot to be left on the cutting room floor. Alas-a sexy scene!! Lisa Harper is an attractive European brunette who swallows a guy in front of a roaring fire.. The guy has a very nice cock (I wish I knew who it was) and she looks very sexy sucking down the length of his shaft, speaking French as her beautiful blue eyes pierce the camera. She removes her top to reveal small firm breasts and continues to fuck this pretty dick with her mouth. He cums directly in her mouth and she parts her lips slowly and lets the warm juices run down her neck and fall onto her hard tits. Johnni Black ignites scene six, eating cock with a side of whipped cream. She squirts the white cream all over her breasts and then enjoys licking it off. Lying naked on a kitchen table is a faceless man with an enormous cock. Johnni squirts the whipped cream all over his dick and then sucks it dry. Note: It only takes a few minutes before the whipped cream gets warm and sticky and pretty soon body parts begin to smell like sour milk. By this scene I was really hoping to see one of the girls jump one of the guys and start fucking him like a wild animal. I've never been much for all-oral flicks, especially ones where we never get to see the guys face. I understand that it probably adds to the fantasy of "this could be me" but I think it's degrading to the men to be used as objects. Also, it is so much sexier to watch the guys face when he's getting sucked and fucked. This scene is good however, Johnni knows what she's doing and even the attention she pays to the camera is more subtle than the girls in the previous scenes. He cums on her face and she rubs his sticky cream all over her chin. Speaking of degrading...Alyssa Allure, sitting naked in a muddy stall grunts and snorts like a pig into the camera. Oh, yeah-real sexy. Her brief monologue is really bad and I was glad to finally see someone shove a dick in her mouth so she would shut up. She gags herself with a cock, making painful faces and looking almost like she's going to bite his dick off. I know the mud thing was sexy at Woodstock honey, but what were you on when you agreed to sit naked on all fours in the mud and squeal like a pig. Ever seen Deliverance? The always-sexy Nici Sterling comes crawling up some stairs and finds her mouth aimed right towards a cock. Looking up at the guy, into the camera this British bitch has eyes that piercethe camera with lust and enthusiasm. Nici lies on her back and the guy squats up and down with his thighs, fucking her mouth quickly while she fingers her naked pussy. Very nice scene. Emily Jewel looks wide eyed into the camera speaking softly in Dutch. She removes a guys clothing and takes his limp biscuit in her mouth working it slowly to a full erection. The camera pulls in upside down as we watch(from the bottom of his balls) this guy fuck her small mouth. Chapter fourteen is not to be missed and probably should have been first on the disk. Temptrest is very pretty and has a slight resemblance to a young Brooke Shields. This girl is young and slutty, sucking hard and fast on this guy's cock as she rubs her cunt. After this scene you need to hit chapter skip on the DVD remote so that you can avoid the absurd antics of Mila. Mila, you know the girl who can do "that thing with her colon". Enough said. Heather Hornay, are last blow-job beauty is really cute, has a nice body and a really sexy face. She plays with herself for a while before taking a limp cock in her mouth and giving him slow sweet head before he shoots his juices all over her face. Aside from a handful of decent scenes, I found this blow-job fantasy flick to be quite boring. I hate that we never get to see the heads attached to the dicks and also that we never hear them vocalize any feelings of actual pleasure. Listening to both the man and woman getting off is what heightens the realism and increases the pleasure one experiences when watching adult films. Each guy is silent and unresponsive, not even placinga finger on the women. The guy could be dead up there for all we know. No, I guess that's a different kind of compilation.  

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