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Title: Pussyman #1: The Search  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


And in the beginning.... The now famous "Pussyman" David Christopher takes us along for a wild ride as he navigates the globe in search of the world's best pussy! In the first installation of his Pussyman series David hires Detective Sam Snatch to search the streets for some very special pussy. I really like David Christopher's work and this first installment was the first in what became a very hot series. As the film opens David Christopher and fellow porn executives are in the middle of a creative pow-wow. They are simply stumped for ideas for their next skin flick. David questions the other gentlemen about what it is exactly that men are really after-it's unanimous-PUSSY! "A movie about spectacular pussy. A new kind of genre". Enter hot secretary Summer Knights. Summer hears the word pussy and just has to show her bosses what's underneath her skirt. David and the other men seat themselves around the table as Summer strips down to some sexy lingerie and gives the guys a little show. Summer looks very sexy in her white fishnets, white-lace crotchless panties and sheer top. She spreads her legs to reveal a jeweled pussy clip on her clit. She slowly removes the clip and begins sucking on it. The guys are out of their chairs huddled around the sexy slut. The men are very turned on watching Summer rub and finger her clit. She sits back in the boss's leather chair and gently fucks her cunt. She is getting really hot now and starts rubbing harder and faster until she makes herself climax. The camera moves in tight on her pussy and you can see her cum. Summer puts on a fabulous show; she's very hot. What may be disappointing for some viewers is that throughout the entire scene none of the three men contribute to the action. Personally I found it very arousing to watch the men getting turned on and waiting for them to finally lose control, whip it out and start hammering away at her. The suspense can be a real killer. After she cums, Summer volunteers the name of a man who can help them on their great pussy search. Detective Sam Snatch (Tom Byron) is hired by the filmmakers to find some perfect pussys. Sam's first stop is a hotel room where Porche Lynn is getting off in front of Steve Drake. Steve, fully clothed and standing in the corner, watches as Porche fingers her very wet pussy. Sam watches as Steve fucks Porche with a large two-headed dildo. She rubs her clit while he inserts the dildo in both holes. Then she sucks his cock while he fingers her asshole. She does a nice job on his dick until he flips her around and rams his cock into her pussy from behind. Sam watches and observes. Steve fucks her for while and then creams all over her pretty face. This is a very hot scene. Next stop-Lilly and Lacey. Lilly Xene is busy fucking Joey Silvera when Sam arrives at her house. Before his arrival however Joey is seated on the couch with his pants around his ankles while Lilly dances for him in a leather corset. Silvera then buries his head in her pussy while stroking his hard cock. I have always loved watching Silvera lap away at a woman's pussy (he gives great head), and believe me this is no exception. She is very turned on and begs for his cock. He pumps away at her pussy from behind pulling at her hair. Sam arrives in the middle of this fuck-fest and Lilly tells him to stay and watch. Not long after, Lilly's roommate Lacey comes in starts up with Sam. Lacey immediately stars sucking Sam's swollen cock while Lilly and Joey are still fucking nearby. Lacey finds a seat on Sam's dick and soon both couples are fucking like rabbits. Sam cums all over Lacey's pussy while Joey spews his load on Lilly's face. Bionca is next on Sam's quest for pretty pussy. Bionca is partaking in some quiet-time in the tub, which makes for a boring masturbation scene before she is joined by Rebecca Bardoux. Bionca fucks Rebecca in the ass with her fingers and then stimulates her poop-shoot with some anal beads. She pulls out a fat dildo and gently fucks her pussy. The girls are interrupted by our great detective. Bionca wails and moans as Rebecca fucks her in the ass with the large rubber dick. Sam is stumped... "One great pussy after another". Who could chose? The last name on his list is that of Leanna Foxx. Leanna is in a garage getting it on with Marc Wallice and Steve Drake. Steve and Marc take turns finger-fucking Leanna's pussy and then Marc sucks wildly on her cunt while Steve sucks and caresses her large tits. Sam enters the garage while Leanna (who looks a bit like Madonna during her Like Virgin days) gets on her knees sucks on both their cocks. This is a very hot scene as she puts both dicks in her mouth at the same time. She goes off on them for a long time and then takes in the ass from Steve while sucking madly away on Marc's cock. Marc eventually cums all over her face while Steve cums on her ass. "Like A Virgin"....Not!!! Sam is summoned back to the studio. When he arrives he is greeted by Melanie Moore who says that she can be of some help in finding him the perfect pussy. Apparently she runs a modeling agency and has lots of pretty pussies to show him. First things first however, she wants to show him her own pussy. She gets him all hot and bothered when she spreads her legs to reveal crotchless fishnet hose and a clit clip. She starts rubbing and fingering herself and Sam takes out his large cock and begins to stroke himself. Melanie fucks her pussy with a dildo for a short while. Always the gentlemen, Sam offers his own cock to the girl's drooling cunt. He fucks her pussy from behind and then cums on her ass. She tells him to show up at her mansion and she will arrange for him to meet with some of the hottest pussies in town. The movie ends here leaving the path wide and clear for many more adventures. Personally, I'm a big fan of the Pussyman series. David Christopher fills the screen with tons of beautiful men and women and the fucking is never a bore!  

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