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Title: The Girl Next Door #2  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


An older flick just released on DVD, The sequel to the Girl Next Door stars the hot Ms. Lexus Locklear and porn favorites Peter North and Alex Sanders. In the first scene, Peter is visiting a palm reader who sees nothing but despair in his future so she decides to give him a pity fuck. Peter whips out his huge hard cock and Jordan Lee drops to both knees to take hold of that big cock in her mouth and then strips herself out of her black velvet dress and down to her hot little bra and panties. Jordan sits down on his hard cock and bounces up and down like a cowgirl slut riding a huge stud bareback. Jordan's orgasm is as fake as her Lee Press-On Nails but it's entertaining nonetheless. Peter pulls out and shoots a wad of his creamy cooze all over Jordan's pretty face. It seems Lexus just fell off the turnip truck and into the home of Alex Sanders and Jake Williams. Lexus is a young girl from Indiana who has cum to California with big dreams and stars in her eyes. Jake introduces himself and mingles a bit while Alex bleeds his own turnip right between the legs of the sultry Sand Beach. Sandy and Alex kiss and fondle each other and then they both strip down to their skivvies and Alex plants his face in her pussy and licks and sucks her fat lips. Sandy screams and creams as Alex teases her clit with his long tongue and fucks her cunt with his fingers. Alex is always so great to watch and I always get so wet when I see this guy fuck the shit of these lucky ladies. Alex has a great body and Sandy is all over him like a cheap whore, taking his cock in her mouth and swallowing the entire length. Alex reaches around from behind and fingers her pussy and then she sits up on top of his cock and rides him cowgirl. This was shot before the guys started shaving around their balls so the insertion close-ups shot from behind his ass are not real pretty. Alex rams his cock into her hole and fucks her entire body, tits bouncing up and down. Alex loses control, pulls out, and then creams all over her pretty tummy. Back in the foyer, Jake is still entertaining Lexus when his wife, Jordan walks in with her pity fuck, Peter North and Alex Sanders. A jealous Jordan senses her hubby is hot for the blonde stranger and she storms out of the room leaving the guys alone with Lexus. Jake explains to Lexus that he is a porno director and offers to put her in his movie. She happily agrees and she rehearses her first scene with Dallas, Jordan and Peter. Dallas and Jordan make such an impression on director Jake that he can't help but join the couple as they kiss and fondle each other's most intimate areas. Dallas lies back on the couch and takes Jake in her mouth while Jordan sits down below and sucks on her wet pussy. The trio sits on the floor in an adjoined circle of oral sex. It's really sexy. Jordan gets up on all fours and takes Jake's cock in her cunt doggie-style while burying her head in Dallas's hot snatch. It's now Dallas' turn and Jake pulls out of Jordan and slams his rod into her juicy hole, Jordan fondling his balls from behind while he gently fucks Dallas. Jake pulls out and sneezes cum all over the ladies. We never did get to see the new girl rehearse but Jake tells Alex that it will be he who will get to fuck Lexus in their new fuck flick. Before Alex however Lexus gets busy with Sandy Beach and two girls have a sexy little romp on the couch and then she shows her stuff to Peter. I hope Alex likes third place. Peter and Lexus have a nice time as he immediately goes down on her spent pussy and teases her clit with his tongue. Lexus returns the favor by engulfing Peter's huge cock deep inside her throat and then spreading her legs wide open for his long rod to enter her tight little hole. Again, this movie is a bit dated was before the women shaved everything-it's actually weird to watch this guy fuck a big hairy pussy, don't get me wrong-she's trimmed, just not bald. Peter throws one of her legs up over his shoulder and gently fucks her sweet pussy and then flips her over for some nice doggie style action. Peter shoots his load all over the back of her ass (something else we don't see often anymore). The flick ends here on a negative note as Lexus insults Peter and goes back to Indiana. This film wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It was actually quite refreshing to see some early nineties porn. Although there are much better couples films on the market I would recommend this one for new cummers and for the ladies who just aren't into the hardcore stuff that's produced today. The story was incredibly weak but the girls were cute and Alex and Peter have great cocks! Could have been better, could have been worse..  

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