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Title: Mr. Marcus' Neighborhood #5  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Starting right off the bat, Mr. Marcus is munchin some pussy and his victim, Rain, holds the camera. The couple exchange bouts of generous sucking and then get down to the dirty work when she lies back on the couch and spreads her legs for Marcus' thick rod. There are some interesting camera angles but basically this is amateur filmmaking. Marcus takes her pussy from behind for a while and then shoots a huge load of his sweet load all over her face. Lexington Steele and Wesley Pipes pick up a chick at a nightclub and let her stay the night. The next morning the guys take turns checking her out under her blanket. They excite her so much they have to go to their own bathrooms and jerk off. This isn't enough though; they return to sleeping beauty and awaken her with a kiss. They move the blanket and start in on the willing tramp. She has long braids and pierced nipples; she's a dirty little slut who loves big cock. Well one of the guys is definitely well hung, the thing practically touches the ground it's so long. While she takes the tip of it into her mouth the other guy sticks his cock (also long) in between her tits and starts fucking her cleavage. The guys trade places and then she spreads her beautiful pussy lips for his big dark rod. This chick really knows how to handle big dicks and takes it all in, one in the mouth and one in the cunt. The guys take turns fucking her pussy from behind and then the engage in a nasty looking DP. I didn't really like this scene because the guys seemed more into the fucking as opposed to what they were fucking. I swear she could have been a blow up doll and they wouldn't have known the difference. They end the scene by spitting up all over her mouth. Desiray, alone in prison gets a visit form her man Suave. Desiray is a petite little thing with big firm tits and a really pretty face. Suave takes off her clothes and starts licking and sucking her shaved pussy while she plays with her hard nipples. Suave, a really heavy guy, whips out his cock and shoves it in Desiray's mouth. She sucks his cock for a while and then gets on all fours so he can take her from behind. Desiray is really cute and it's a shame we never get to see her with Marcus; of course I'd like to see anyone with Mr. Marcus-especially me! Anyway, Desiray takes a ride on Suave's dick in a backward cowgirl. This girl bounces up and down on his dick like a pogo stick. She flips back over on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks wide for Suave's cock. He bangs her poop shoot (nice camera angle) until he just can't stand it anymore and then he shoots a massive amount of juice all over her pretty face. This scene was much better than the last scene but they should have paired this girl up with Marcus. In the next scene Ricky gets busy with a young girl on Venice Beach Boulevard. The couple ducks back in the corner of some building and she sucks his dick while her friend keeps guard on the boardwalk. There are too many people in the area so they go back to an apartment building and continue in an elevator. They stop the elevator and she finishes her shine job on his knob. She stands up and drops her drawers. She's got a nice ass and Ricky spreads her cheeks wide so he can slide his fingers in her wet pussy. Still in the elevator, Ricky lies on his back and takes her for a ride on his cock. This girl has a killer little body and she looks weightless as she bounces up and down on his hard cock. She turns around and rides his dick backward cowgirl with her tight asshole. It takes a bit of practice but eventually she's got the whole length of his cock inside her shitter. This gets the guy all excited so he has to pull out. He shoots a small wad on her face and it's funny because she looks as though she was expecting more. Anyway-good scene. The next girl is a light skinned girl who has a good time sucking Marcus' cock. She steps back and removes her clothes to reveal a nice little body. It seems as though the chick is just getting over her period so they decide to so straight anal-she seems a little nervous but she takes it in stride. Marcus lays her on her back and rams his cock into her asshole. She grunts in pain so Marcus leans over and kisses her mouth. She gets on all fours and fucks her like a dog. The camera keeps coming in close on her face, which is probably a mistake because every time she looks at the camera she's wincing with pain and doesn't really seem to be enjoying herself. Her ass is raw and red and in one close-up shot you can see the tampon string, a rash and a bit of fecal mess on her ass cheeks. It's not very sexy. When he creams in her face she winces again and closes her eyes because she "didn't want to get any gook in her eye". The next lovely lady is Rain, a pretty girl with long braids and a tight little body. In an abandoned building she takes it on with Lexington and Hercules. The guys have terrific bodies and long hard dicks. She does some double oral and then gets on all fours for some doggie style. Lexington rams his cock in her pussy from behind but he's a little limp now and they've got some trouble with insertion. The girl starts teasing him a bit about his softy and then gets her mouth busy on Hercules. Lex decides to try another position so he sits her down on his dick in a backward cowgirl. This doesn't seem to work either and she continues to taunt him with "I don't think you deserve this pussy because you're not fucking me right". She gets off and lets Herc have a go at her. He's much more successful. It's actually a funny moment and Lex laughs about it. He gets himself off watching the other two and eventually gets himself back in the mix with some serious DP action. She sticks her nose in the air and takes a face full of cum as each guy takes his turn spitting his creamy load all over her sexy mouth. Ok, so there was definitely not enough of Mr. Marcus in this flick but the substitutes were pretty hot. The DP action didn't work out very well because the camera has difficulty getting in there because these girls had such bodacious booties. The oral action was great though and the dicks were long and large. Great for the hardcore fan who enjoys an African American-only cast.  

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