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Title: Private- Virginia's Story  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Director: KOVI Cast: Monica Cameron, Michelle, Kathy Divan, Dorothy, Virginia White, Fanny Blond, Antoanella, Carolina Cage DVD Features: 1. Previews- Fetish Therapy, Call Girl, Club Seychelle, That''''''''s Life and Sweet Baby 2. 30 Color slides taken during the filming of this flick. 3. Private Production Report and Trailer 4. Cast info and short biographies 5. Production Notes 6. Language Selection: English, French, Spanish and Italian 7. Scene selection- 6 scenes Rating: B+ Review: In Virginia's Story, KOVI tells the story of a young woman caught up in the luxurious world of prostitution and murder. Virginia, played by Private regular Kathy Divan, is a country girl who is accused of murdering her boyfriend and Pimp Damian. Virginia is alone in the city and she meets Damian, a nice guy who shows her around the city. He takes her back to his place and professes his instant attraction and love for the innocent Virginia. The couple hits it off immediately and they begin kissing on his couch. Damian removes her blazer and reveals small, perky tits underneath a white lace bra. He kisses and tongues her nipples and then slides his hand under her skirt, between her legs. Virginia stands up and the excited Damian admires and caresses her perfect ass. Virginia lies back on the couch and Damian moves his head below her skirt and teases her pussy lips with his wicked tongue. She is wearing a white lace thong and Damian moves it aside to completely lap and fuck her hairless clit with his tongue. With the exception of the terrible porn over score, this is a really hot scene and should make you wet already. Damian knows how to use that tongue and Virginia is very pleased. She shows her appreciation by unbuttoning his trousers and removing his giant cock. Virginia gives an incredible blowjob and Damian rolls his head back with pleasure while stroking her ass with his fingers. Virginia lies back on the table and removes her panties. Damian shoves his cock into her wet cunt and thrusts gently with her legs split wide open at his sides, pulling out occasionally to slap her clit with his hard dick. He flips her over on all fours and fucks her asshole. Not bad for a first date, huh? This girl is lovin'''''''' it and rubs her clit hard and fast as his cock penetrates her back door. After riding his cock backward, he shoots his love juice all over her pretty face and into her mouth. The couple continued to date for a few weeks and then Damian convinced her to do an erotic photo shoot with another woman in a large mansion. The photographer was having fun with his two models while Damian was in another room somewhere. The other model, played by Dorothy is a gorgeous woman with long dark hair. Virginia is reluctant at first but she becomes very aroused watching the photographer and model kisses and she too decides she wants to taste some of that delicious skin. Virginia starts kissing and sucking the girl''''''''s nipples while the guy fingers her pussy. The guy lines up both girls and takes turns eating both their pussies while they lye back and moan. They move into a nice little threesome with the model sucking his cock and Virginia sitting on his face. Eventually the photographer sticks his cock into Virginia''''''''s cunt and fucks her. The model, now equipped with a strap-on takes her in the ass while the photographer fucks her pussy. This DP scene is brief and ends abruptly so Virginia can get down on her knees and take turns sucking the two cocks. This looked a little funny when the came in close on her face, the strap-on was attached to a clear, blue dildo. She took equal time sucking each of the cocks and then the real one finally exploded all over her face. Virginia is not the only woman Damian has left alone with his friends. Later we learn about Julia (Fanny Blond), who had a similar experience after being left alone by Damian in the same mansion. This time it was with two guys and two girls (Caroline Cage and Antoanella). Julia and the other ladies share the two men in a wild orgy scene by the pool. They begin with a large train, one guy on his back, a girl on top of him who is getting butt fucked at the same time, the guy on the ground is eating a woman who is also eating the last woman. It''''''''s wild! Virginia is depressed about what Damian has done so she fucks her girlfriend Julia to make herself feel better. In a very tired and sappy girl/girl scene, Julia explains to Virginia that Damian has been prostituting her and other girls and tells her that she should enjoy the money and attention and not to worry about anything. Julia is also one of Damian''''''''s girls and we watch her in action as she gets hot and heavy with a client at the mansion. The client sticks his head beneath her dress and tongues her beautiful pussy lips. She then whips out his thick cock and starts teasing the end of it with her tongue. She can''''''''t get the thing all the way in her mouth but we''''''''ll give her an "e" for effort. Fucking is no problem though and Julia takes it in the cunt like a true whore. She gets on all fours and the guy rams her cunt doggie-style with hard, fast thrusts. She lies down on the couch and he rams his cock into her tight little asshole and then shoots a wad of cum directly into her mouth. In the end we learn that Virginia did shoot Damian, she shot him in the back when she walked in and saw him fucking two beauties (Michelle and Monica Cameron), she didn''''''''t kill him however. The police chief assures her that she is a bad shot and will let her off if she agrees in helping the police get Damian on pandering charges. The film itself was really silly but the sex in Virginia''''''''s Story was memorable and the girls in Private films are always the very best (check out Dorothy''''''''s scene and Monica''''''''s scene)!! The sex, while hard-core and very erotic, is quite tame so it''''''''s suitable for the couples that enjoy softer, more story oriented porn. For the European porn aficionado, it''''''''s a must have! Erica Marshall Email me with questions or comments: ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com   

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