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Title: Sex Safari  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Date Reviewed:


Overall rating:                       B                                                                                                         

Female looks:                       B

Male looks:                           A

Sex:                                A

Plot/Acting:                          N/A

Extras:                              A

A/V Quality:                          A



                                                February 9, 2001


Title:                                       Sex Safari


Production Company:            Wicked            www.wickedpictures.com                    


Director:                                 Brad Armstrong


Cast:                                       Stephanie Swift, Jill Kelly, Inari Vachs, Jessica Jewel, Mia Smiles, Stearling, Brad Armstrong,

                                                Mickey G., Randy Spears, Eric Price, Alec Metro, Chris Cannon, Evan Stone and Erik                                                 Everhard.


DVD Features:                      1.         Chapter Selections which are divided up by area: Africa, Spain, London, Asia, Egypt,   Russia and "Home".

2.                  Audio Biographies on Stephanie Swift, Sterling, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G., Randy Spears, Jill Kelly, Inari Vachs, 

3.                  Photo Gallery which includes 22 color slides shot during the making of this feature.

4.                  Audio Selections

5.                  Behind The Scenes featurette.

6.                  Company Profile

7.                  Previews for Flashpoint, Sex Safari, Pornogothic and Double Feature.

8.                  AVN Wicked Winners and Nominations.





Brad Armstrong is one of the best feature directors in the business and he never ceases to amaze and excite his viewers.  Stephanie Swift takes an erotic journey to different places around the globe, exploring sex in many different styles and locations and looking for the perfect "sexual specimen."  This flick is sure to satisfy all your Stephanie Swift cravings as she explodes with sensuality in each scene. 


Our first stop is in Africa and Stephanie is clad in hot pants and a pith helmet.  Evan Stone, looking like a Tarzan god with his long hair and loincloth, doesn't even speak to our heroine as he sneaks up behind her and ravages the petite little cutie.  Evan gives Steph some nice tongue love; pulling aside her leopard skin panties to suck her neatly shaved (but not completely bare) pussy lips.  She returns the favor as he thrusts his huge cock in and out of her mouth, pulling out only long enough to slap her in the face with it.  This hot BJ is followed up with some nice doggie style, vaginal action (no anal in this scene) as Evan holds her by the hair and grunts like a real boy.  This scene is nicely shot and the couple, in this lighting, look absolutely beautiful.  I like the outdoor locale and their cheesy safari costumes!


Spain is our next stop and Stephanie and Jill Kelly are attended to by an exceptionally strong bullfighter played by Armstrong himself.  This tasty little threesome is great together and the costumes are simply delightful.  Spanish guitar plays lightly in the background while the girls take turns sucking Brad's thick rod.  Jill is the first lucky lady to get the special treatment from Brad as Stephanie takes care of Jill's perky tits.  Soon, it's Stephanie's turn and she gets Brad's cock in her pussy while Jill rubs and tongues her hard clit.  Later he flips Steph over onto her back and she splits her legs wide open for Brad's big dick to pummel her asshole.  This scene could have used some dialogue but it was short and very sweet nonetheless.


Stephanie is off to London next, to taunt and tease the Buckingham Palace guards.  If you do not know the history about the palace guards, it is there job to watch the palace, and they are not to move from their post, speak, smile, or even move.  Stephanie is sure she has a way to break down these guards!  Chris Cannon and Alec Metro are the guards and stand motionless at first as Steph (looking this time like a Spice Girl) removes their cocks from their trousers and takes turns sucking on each hard dick.  The men are successful at first in ignoring the sexy little tramp but soon their will is broken and they can no longer control themselves; Alec sits her on top of his dick and fucks her hard while she's still sucking on Chris's hard prick.  This scene is great, missing only a DP or some straight anal action.


Asia is the next point on the globe for Stephanie and she gets into it this time with the little Asian hottie, Mia Smiles.  Mia and Stephanie are in skimpy little kimonos and high red platforms.  The ladies have a hot time on a wicker rickshaw.  Stephanie does this nice little two hand, four-finger action on Mia and then Mia returns with some braid tickeling and slapping. That's right, braid, like the braids on her head.  This is rather silly and ends later with some braid fucking, stiff hair I hope.  Mia tongue fucks Stephanie from behind and then fists her while she fingers her own asshole.  Stephanie straps on a large and long black dildo and fucks Mia in the ass before pulling out a double header and working herself into the mix.  The finger action (not quite fisting but pretty damn close) was in-deed memorable.


Egypt introduces Stephanie to Inari Vachs and Sterling where each woman takes full advantage of our traveling slut.  Eric Everhard and Eric Price finally join the threesome and what ensues is a messy bed full of fucking and sucking that's hard to follow but not at all dull.  Inari and Sterling cum quite a few times and Inari gets the only sphincter fuck.  The cum shots are great and the only thing to note is this the only scene where Stephanie not fucked!


Fortunately this scene has Stephanie snowbound with Mickey G. in the middle of Siberia-unfortunately they are joined by Jessica Jewel, this girl really bugs me.  Now back at home, Stephanie feels it necessary to thank her pilot (Rand Spears) for the ride around the globe by sending him off with a nice blowjob.  Randy doesn't mind.  They do some nice ballin' by the plane and then he shoots a nice load of fuel in her face.  This last scene was shot in black and white, which for porn doesn't really work, but it was better than the Siberia scene only because it did not include Ms. Jewel. 


Although lacking in any real plot and containing absolutely no dialogue, this Swift feature is sure to satisty all your Stephanie cravings.  The lighting and costuming in this flick are very sexy and most of the players are all hot so I would recommend this feature to any Stephanie fans but am a bit reluctant to recommend it to everyone.  It's tame enough, although it does contain some anal.  While I am a big fan of the all-sex genre, I count on Wicked to make satisfying features with decent story lines.  Alas, don't bother with this flick unless you're a SS fan because as mentioned, she is in every scene.  Not one of my favorite Wicked releases but it did contain some good sex and great DVD special features.




Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments:       ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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