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Title: Sweet Rides  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


As a girl who could care less about hot cars this flick was a bit of a bore. But I am not stupid, I know how much men love porn and how much they love cars. So I give snaps to Motorhead Mike for bringing the two together in a way you can't really experience from Hot Rod Magazine. The tedious attempt at plot leaves something to be desired but I think this film is filled with enough cars and chicks to please even the toughest porn critic. The film is divided up into scenes where a different girl does some sucking and fucking in a hot car. 38 Chevy Coupe Shannon. Alex Sanders approaches a guy (Bob) shining up his yellow Chevy. Sanders comments on how beautiful the car is and inquires about his ability to get chicks. The guy admits that action in that department is a bit slow so Alex convinces him to take the car, pick up a chick and bring her back to him. As I said before, I'm not really into cars so I could be wrong here but COME ON... would this guy really let a total stranger take his mint condition 38 Chevy on a joy-ride just for the slim chance that he may get fucked? Well, maybe. A very horny Bob agrees. Alex returns later with Shannon Rush. The trio drive off and end up in the driveway of a large house. This driveway will see much action during the course of this film. Immediately Shannon lifts up her skirt to reveal her pantiless pussy. What girls will do for a chance to take a ride in a hot car. Shannon drops to her knees and pulls out Alex's large cock. Then... Oh God...she pulls out Bob's. Bob definitely has a cock that only a mother could love! Don't get me wrong, I love dick but his is just down-right ugly!! Shannon sucks madly away at the two dicks while Alex slaps her naked pussy with his hand. Shannon takes it up the ass from Alex while taking a ride from the now limp Bob. Not the prettiest or coordinated double penetration scene, but they give it the old college try. The scene ends with a double facial. Ferrari 512 TR Sid and Sindee Sid Deuce is riding in the passenger seat of a beautiful red Ferrari while her beau drives around searching for the perfect candidate to fuck his girlfriend. They pull up at a gas station and address a poor gentleman pumping gas. He's too old so they leave. Their hunt is over when they drive up to a pizza place and find Sindee Cox standing outside. Sindee jumps in the car and they take off. They pull up into the driveway and stop the car. The guy takes off, leaving the ladies alone in the car. Sindee Cox, who I swear looks just like a guy exposes her breasts to Sid. Sid teases her nipples with her tongue and then fingers and sucks on her juicy snatch. OK, so they both look like men! The ladies move from the cramped space of the car to the lawn nearby and start kissing each other. They give each other head for a while and then Sid straps on an enormous dildo and proceeds to give it to Sindee in the ass. This scene is very dirty. Sid spits on Sindee's hole as the dildo pounds away at her asshole. Sindee's moans and wails are muffled by the grass as her head burrows into the cold earth. Sindee pulls out a dildo of her own and fucks Sid with it for a while. This scene saw some dirty girl/girl action but there was no resolution-it ends rather abruptly. 29 Ford Highboy Dee Dee is such a cutie. She's got a hot body and beautiful long curly hair. She's seated in a car next to her boyfriend when Alex Sanders approaches the couple. They notice his hot car and coax him into giving them a ride. "Hey man, could you take us for a ride...Your car really gets my girl excited!" Well, who in their right mind would turn down that request? Alex takes them to the house and parks outside in the driveway. Again the couple is left alone to get busy in the car. Some very sweet kissing and groping ensues and then the guy takes off his shirt. Seated in the back seat, Dee leans over and takes out her boyfriends cock. She laps away at it for along time, pulling his dick all the way back in her throat. This girl gives great head. She lays on her back and he slowly sucks on her wet pussy. The boyfriend rams his fingers inside her cunt while licking her clit with his tongue. Dee gets up and sits on his dick while he's upright in the back seat of the car. This is the first scene in the movie where they actually fuck IN the car. It's so reminiscent of high school! This guy is pretty small but he knows how to fuck; ramming his cock into her pussy fast and hard. Alex returns to see the couple fucking doggie style. Now I ask you, wouldn't a real classic-car aficionado be pretty pissed to see some couple spilling their sex all over his interior? But this after all is a porno, so Alex was not too upset. Dee goes down on Alex and seems to enjoy the fact that he is much larger than her boyfriend. She's got Alex in her throat and her boyfriend in her asshole, are we all still admiring the car?? The guys cum all over Dee's face and the scene ends here. 29 Ford Chop Top Katie Gold Again we see Alex Sanders standing by a nice car. This time he's washing the automobile in the driveway when the very young and innocent looking Katie Gold comes running up behind him in a baby doll dress and knee socks. Katie wants Alex to take her for a ride so he satisfies her auto curiosity with a drive around the block. It's a short ride but long enough for her to start finger- fucking her cunt in the back seat of his car. This is a great scene for all you boys that love your ladies young and sweet looking! I do however retract the innocent comment. When they return to the house Katie's boyfriend is waiting in the driveway. Alex pulls the car into the garage and leaves the couple alone. Katie starts sucking his dick by the car and then stands over him while he tastes her sweet love juice. He fingers and licks her now very wet pussy and then he bends her over and shoves his dick into her pussy from behind. She rides him for a while and then they move to the floor of the garage for some hot anal action. When he's finished he cums all over her face. 48 Ford Melicia Once again we have Alex cruising around in a hot car hoping it will act as a chick magnet. In case you're all worried- it actually works. Melicia approaches the car in a Ralphs parking lot and immediately figures this guy to be her knight in shining hot-rod. She sucks his dick right there in the parking lot and then he takes her to his favorite spot-the driveway. Alex rams his hand up inside her pussy as she leans back on the front seat. He sucks on her pussy and fingers her for quite some time. She looks very uncomfortable with her back crammed up against the door. She sucks his cock with her pierced tongue and then they proceed to fuck in every position and all over every inch of the car. This is defiantly the best scene in the film. They fuck on the windshield, over the seats, on the trunk, on the hood-its amazing!! Very hot scene. He cums all over her face and then she sucks the life out of his swollen cock. I originally felt the premise of the film to be quite moronic. The sex however was very hot, so for those of you that get turned on to hot sex AND cars, this should be a very sweet ride. And if the last scene in this flick doesn't make you want to whip it out and cream your own load-I don't know what will!  

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