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Title: Sodomania #33  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



Sodomania 33 "Strange Days"


Reviewer - Arnon

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- B

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B


Time- 2:00

Company- Elegant Angel

Director- Patrick Collins

Cast- Dru Berrymore, , Nomi, Chipy Marlow, Maeva Exel, Tavalia Griffin, Bianca Romanova


Review- This starts out with an old man standing in the woods, wearing Shakespearean clothing and talking about cocks and sodomy. Holy crap that just seems wrong to me. We move on to a scene with Dru Berrymore and Rafe. Dru is having a conversation with someone, gets pissed, and heads to a café. By the way, most of this movie is set in Europe and they're speaking French or something so I didn't have any idea what they were talking about. It's a good thing I speak the international language of porn. So Dru's waiting for someone and they don't show so she leaves. A mysterious stranger follows her from the café and she soon realizes it and breaks into a run. Watch out lady! That guy following you might be a porn star! She thinks she's safe, but the guy has the serial killer ability of following you no matter what. She gets to her hotel and runs a bath. She strips down, looking quite good. She has small tits, but they're quite nice. While in the bath the stalker breaks into her hotel with a credit card and watches her in the tub. When she stands up to dry off he hides in the closet. She puts on a robe, goes into the bedroom, and starts masturbating with a small vibrator while the perv watches. It's a nice little scene. She tries to sleep but can't and goes to the window to look at the city. Rafe sneaks up behind her and throws her on the bed, where he proceeds to start rubbing her tits. Of course, she's not afraid for her life but turned on. Only in the porn world, right guys? She sits up and sucks on his dick for a bit, and he goes down and licks her pussy. She turns over to get on all fours and he fucks her. She flips onto her back again to fuck, and then it's back onto the knees. This time he slips his cock into her ass to pound her. She goes back onto her back for some more ass fucking and then he cums into her mouth. By now she seems to forget that the guy broke into her hotel room.


In the second scene Roberto Malone is sitting in a hotel room smoking and ashing on the floor. He calls up a maid, Eva Falk, who's a good looking dark-haired girl. He makes her clean up the ashes and then tells her to suck on him. Then it gets somewhat confusing. She refuses to do it, but she imagines there's a purple dildo next to her, and blows that. Then it disappears again. Tavalia Griffin is in the shower, and she must be Roberto's girlfriend or wife. She comes out in her underwear and forces Eva to blow Roberto while she rubs Eva's ass. Then Tavalia takes over the blowjob and Eva undresses and plays with herself through her panties. Eva goes back to sucking Roberto and Tavalia uses a vibrator on Eva's pussy. Tavalia sits on Roberto's lap and fucks him and Eva uses the vibrator on herself and Tavalia. Eva lies on the bed while Tavalia licks her pussy. Roberto moves up to fuck Eva on her side, and then she flips over to fuck doggy style. Tavalia lies between Eva's leg to suck on Roberto occasionally, and the girls start 69ing. Roberto cums on Eva's ass and pussy and Tavalia licks it off for her. Not once in this scene did I see any anal action, which I thought was kind of weird. At least there was some girl on girl action.


In the third scene we see Maeva Exel and Nomi playing soccer in the woods. They're wearing the skimpiest clothes they can find and Nomi's even wearing knee high leather boots. Not exactly the smartest soccer clothes. Maybe they're hoping to get laid by a bear or cougar. Maeva is a good looking dark haired girl and Nomi is a hot blonde. They kick their ball into a clearing where they see a house, and Maeva decides to flash her tits at it. While doing so Philippe Dean sneaks up behind them and catches them. They end up back at his house for some reason and he's videotaping them. They seem afraid of him but he starts to feel them up. I'm not sure why they're there or why they're not leaving cause I couldn't understand a word they're saying. Maeva slips her shorts off and Phil makes the girls feel each other while he's sitting between them on the couch. Nomi starts masturbating and rubbing Phil's dick while he plays with Maeva's pussy. Nomi blows him for a bit, then they take turn's eating Maeva out. Nomi moves back to pay attention to his dick while rubs Maeva and she fingers her ass. Nomi moves back to lick Maeva and Phil gets behind her and starts fucking her pussy and ass. Phil sits on the couch and Nomi sits on his lap while he fucks her ass and she masturbates. Maeva takes a turn on his lap while Nomi licks Maeva's nipples and rubs her clit. Nomi gets back on his lap for another ass fucking and Maeva masturbates before Philippe cums on both of their faces.


We then go to what looks like the same room as in the previous scene with Chipy Marlow talking to Steve M. Chipy is a good looking dark skinned girl with big tits. Steve has a surprise for her and puts a blindfold on her. Philippe comes in and she starts sucking his dick, unaware that he's not Steve. She takes off the blindfold to find out the secret and goes back to blowing both guys. Steve sits on the couch and Chipy blows him while Phil plays with her pussy from behind. Then they switch and she blows Phil while Steve fucks her. Steve sits on the couch and Chipy mounts him while sucking Phil. She lies on her back while Phil fucks her. Then we see a three second clip of her masturbating with a hand mirror. I wish they would've shown a bit more of that. She lays on her back and fucks Steve while blowing Phil. Then she sticks her ass in the air and Phil sticks his dick into it. She gets onto her knees while Phil fucks her in the ass and she blows Steve. For the last shot both guys blow their loads onto her dark ass.


This last scene is kind of bizarre, and the girl, Bianca Romanova, isn't even on the cover with the rest of the girls. We see Bianca in a room looking out her balcony at a guy who's looking for directions or something. She takes off her top and dances around. Then a guy shows up at her door. What, you say? I don't get it either. She strips for the guy and starts using a vibrator on her pussy. She's not the best looking girl I've ever seen, but she's alright. The guy is playing with his cock, and she gets up to give him some head. After a while she lays on the bed and he eats her pussy before fucking her doggy style. She lays on her side and he fucks her pussy some more before he sticks it into her ass. Finally he cums into her mouth. At the very end we say the old Shakespeare guy talking about something. They claim this movie is over two hours long, and with the old man talking it comes out to about two hours and 15 seconds. Way to stretch it.



Photo Gallery - Boring

Trailers - Really lame. You don't even get to choose which one you want to   watch. It just plays them all.






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