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Title: Ball Buster  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: A



The Ball Buster


Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- C

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- C

Extras- D

A/V Quality- B


Time- 1:29

Company- Hustler

Director- Fred Coppula

Cast- Oceane, Meridian, Sylvia Saint, Laura Angel, Maeva Exel, Foven, Nataly Dune, Del Fynn


Review- I gotta admit, when I first started watching this I was positive I would hate it. It had a few bad things going for it right at the start. For one, it was French and the voices were dubbed over. And the dubbing wasn't even the quality of half-assed dubbing. If I spent two days teaching my cats to speak English they could probably have done a better dubbing job than they did in this. I know, I know. Porn isn't for words anyway. But I'm the kind of guy who likes a story, and when the person talking drives you insane that's a bad sign. For my second complaint, well, I don't think I have one. The dubbing just annoyed the crap out of me so much I thought there were a bunch of things I didn't like.  Wait, I just thought of something. There are condoms in every scene in this movie, so if they aren't your thing stay away from it. Anyway, to get to the point, after about twenty minutes of this DVD it just started to grow (My interest, that is). I found the sex to be really exciting and the girls were hot, plus there was a lot of it. Even the condom thing didn't really bother me after a while. It's almost like I didn't even realize they were there.


The beginning started out a bit confusing. A guy is jogging down the beach and we get a nice shot of Sylvia Saint sitting in the water topless. As she starts coming towards the beach the jogger, being the nice guy that he is, gets her towel for her. As Chris Rock would say, here's your towel, how 'bout some dick? At first she's not interested in the guy, but he romances her for five seconds and she decides he's worthy of her body. She starts out by lying on her back while he eats her pussy, and then they move into the water for a blowjob. She mounts him facing away, and she's been hitting the tanning oil or something because her body is glimmering in the sun. The sight almost made me cry. They switch to their sides for some more fuckin', and then he gets behind her while she rubs her pussy. He ends up blowing it in her mouth.


We then cut to the heroine of our story, Estelle Desanges, a decent looking brunette with a slight overbite, standing on her personal yacht arguing with her rich daddy about getting a job. He orders her to return home, which I believe is France, and she orders her two workers to get everything ready. The two workers are Del Fynn, a good-looking blonde, and the guy that was jogging on the beach. Apparently these two are dating, because as soon as Estelle leaves they go at it. While they're getting it on, the guy is imagining that he's doing Estelle, so for every position we get to see him with both girls, but not together. They start off with a blowjob, after which the girls sit on the side of the boat and he sticks it in them. They fuck on their sides, and then the girls mount him before he cums onto Del's pussy. This would've been a good girl/girl scene, but you don't get any of that.


When Estelle gets back to France, she goes to live with her cousin and his wife Meridian. Meridian's great looking. She sort of looks like the girl from Jerry Maguire. Well, she doesn't like Estelle, due to her bossiness, and her staying there just makes things worse. Meridian and her husband go into their bedroom the first night, and Meridian pulls out his cock to suck him dry, but Estelle keeps bothering them, so that goes nowhere.


After work the next day Meridian discovers that Estelle rearranged the living room and gets pissed at her husband. Following is the guaranteed make-up sex. He starts by licking her pussy, and then he slides up to fuck her tits. They switch positions and she goes down on him while he fingers her. He flips behind her for some doggy style action, and then she lies on her back while he pounds her from the top. She lies on her side and he sticks it into her ass while she rubs her clit. He ends up cumming on her ass and pussy.


It turns out Meridian and Del Fynn are friends, and they both hate Estelle. They decide to get her back by inviting her to a party they're going to. She agrees, and when they get there they force her to be waitress, which she agrees to for some reason. I'm pretty sure there were four girls and four guys in this scene, not counting Estelle. It was kind of hard to tell because three of the girls were blondes, and it was difficult to tell who was who. This scene was pretty standard orgy fare. The one difference is that there was little interaction between the two groups. You'd get a guy and a girl, and that was it. Not much swapping, and no girl/girl, which was kind of a waste. During this whole scene one of the guys wives calls to see where he is, and Estelle informs her he's fucking some other girl.


The next day Estelle gets kicked out of the apartment and has to look for a job. She goes to a job center, and the worker suggests that she work in lingerie. She's so happy with his advice she decides to fuck him. He starts out by licking her pussy on the desk, and then she gets on her knees to blow him and be tit fucked. The sex starts with her mounting him on the desk, and then she lies down while he fucks her missionary. He finishes by cumming on her tits.


After getting an address for a lingerie position, she goes to the company, where she sees the shopkeeper, Nataly Dune, getting it on with a customer. She starts by giving him head, and then she bends over and takes it from behind. After that she gets on her back, and then she straddles him, facing away. Then she lies on her side and takes his dick in her ass before he blows it into her mouth.


So, Estelle gets the job, and goes to a guys house to model lingerie for him and the jogger from the beginning. It's the same guy who's wife got pissed at him for being at the orgy. Meanwhile, Del Fynn is trying to convince the wife, Fovea, an OK looking redhead, to take her husband back. They go to the house, and of course Estelle is there in lingerie. Fovea tells her husband that the only way she'll take him back is if she can fuck his friend, the jogger. She starts out by blowing him on the stairs, and then straddles him facing away. While she's riding him Del moves down and starts kissing Fovea and lightly working on her tits. Then Fovea flips over for some doggy style action. After that it's Del's turn, and she mounts the guy and takes it into her ass. While this is going on Fovea's masturbating herself into a frenzy. Then it's Fovea's turn for some anal, and she jumps on top of him. Del's turn again, this time from behind. Fovea licks the guy's nuts a bit before he blows it onto both girls' faces. This is another scene where some girl/girl would've been perfect and they left it out for some reason.


Continuing on her quest to sell lingerie, Estelle heads to a clinic, where the patient, Laura Angel, a great looking brunette, decides to take on two doctors at once. This is pretty standard stuff, with one in her mouth at all times and one involved with her bottom half, including a little bit of anal.


In the final scene Estelle is so pissed that she can't sell anything she jumps into a cab. The cabby starts feeling her leg, and eventually they stop in the woods for a sexual romp. She starts out by sucking on his cock, and then he sits on a log while she straddles him facing away. Can you imagine that bark on your ass? Ouch. After riding him she bends over and takes it for a while before he blows it into her mouth. If you get rid of the condoms in this movie, maybe throw in some girl/girl where it makes sense to be, not have the janitor do voiceovers, and add a few more DVD features than the crap they put on here, this movie would be a definite buyer. As it is, I still recommend checking it out.



Normal crap

Photo Slide Show - Fuckin' boring

Cumming Attractions - These were ok, but I've seen better.








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